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Star Jones is defiant about her right to wear fur so we’re thinking this coat is, indeed, the real thing. But real or faux, fur coats DO tend to add a few pounds. Star looks good, but plumper than usual in the face also, so maybe we can’t blame the fur…

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  1. What is the deal with her legs? Are they photoshopped? They don’t seem to look right. What’s going on with that?

  2. What a disgusting human being this Woman is. Seeing her photo makes me wretch…

  3. Walt, that’s probably support hose that doesn’t photograph well.

  4. Barbara Walter’s said on The View this morning that Star is going to be a guest on the show tomorrow, I think. I wonder if Joy will call in sick? Either way, it should be interesting!

  5. This is a non issue as far as I’m concerned. Who cares? The woman lies.

  6. I think killing animals for their fur is disgusting and cruel. I would never wear a fur coat.

  7. Like Greta and many more this fugster made a career by exploiting my friend Ron’s murder.

  8. let’s hope alot of foxess were killed to warm this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, folks!!

  9. Tommy needs a thread of his own.

    Star is talentless and so fugly…why would any channel hire her?

  10. Bluejay, I think you hit it on the head. Support hose and that strange sheen it has.

  11. If it’s just the hose, why do her bag and shoes also look photoshopped. A very peculiar photo.

  12. She’s regaining the weight. Many of them who have the surgery regain because they didn’t change the real issue, their head. Look at Carnie Wilson for goodness sakes, she’s huge again. Meanwhile I’m dragging my old carcass to the gym for two hours every other day and trying to eat less, it’s very hard after a certain age.

  13. Denise, it is an odd photo. I was beginning to think I was nuttier than usual. lol Of course, by the time you are my age, one’s sight really does play tricks on you.

  14. Did Strom somehow miss this post? Funny. He is all set up for his constant verbal spew here.

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