Aretha Franklin’s taped message on the Grammys revealed that she has lost a considerable amount of weight. She still refuses to discuss her hospitalization and surgery a few months ago, so speculation never stops. At first it was assumed she had lap-band surgery to lose weight, but the rumor that she had surgery for pancreatic cancer began to circulate. Either would cause weight loss. Aretha is strangely reluctant to reveal her health issue but she did say “Doctors believe my surgery will add 15 to 20 years to my life.” We hope so.



    But, to my dear friend who did write it, I totally agree. I’m praying for this great lady; there will never be another.

  2. Forgot to add to my post, Aretha is under no obligation to tell any of us what is going on with her, cancer or stomach stapling etc. I don’t believe they would have had many prayer vigils if she were just having weight loss surgery though.

  3. Her medical issues are her own. If whatever the doctors did adds more healthy years to her life, then good for her. I question whether it was cancer though, because she looked good and it doesn’t appear to be weight loss associated with illness.

  4. Indy, my final word on the matter: No one here is impersonating you; it would be impossible to do so under circumstances where everyone concerned is ANONYMOUS.

    That said, I couldn’t agree more about Aretha’s uniqueness. And talk about a comeback story! Given that some of the most unflattering photos taken of any celeb in years past were of her, it’s remarkable to see her transformation.

    Obviously food has been her drug of choice. In fact, sightings of Aretha in her limousine at KFC Drive-Ins are not an uncommon event in Greater Detroit.

    If she had to have a medical weight loss procedure, then, here’s hoping she’s able to stay healthy and change some deep-set eating habits.

    (And now that she’s remaking herself, maybe she’ll be able to finally convince Halle to portray her in the film story of life. 🙂 )

  5. ^^^^ Oh, and notice her hair-style in the picture on the left? Aretha is thinking ahead!

  6. I agree she looks a zillion percent better now, and it does not look like a cancer loss because she does not look ill (yet). If she continues to lose as Patrick Swayze did, then I’m afraid the rumors may be true and this above photo and her video may be a mirage. I don’t think in either case that she has 15-20 more years on her. With her lifetime of abusing her body, and we don’t know ALL the ways she may have been abusing herself, it’s unlikely she can undo the huge amount of damage this late in the game. We know so much more now than we used to about what living badly does to us.

  7. Indy: I thought you wrote a few posts back that you had had enough with not being valued for your religious beliefs and you were bailing on us. NO? Changed your mind? Maybe there IS a God, eh? Baby, don’t gooooo…

  8. @ Janet

    Thanks for the updated photo of Miss Aretha.
    Talk about New and Improved!!

  9. After Jennifer Hudson’s performance on the Grammy’s the other night, I think the choice of who should place Aretha in a film bio is clear.

  10. this is “THE” aretha we know………..

  11. To the Uncle Bill above who capitalized the “U” and the “B”. The REAL uncle bill does not capitalize his “u” and the “b”. You are busted. So, needlessly to say this is a false statement by the false Uncle Bill. I do not, for the last time, hate black people. I have black neighbors who have helped me out many a time. And I have had white trash neighbors that I would not trust for a minute. Say, “Uncle”, hasn’t your meds run out, go to the pharmacy and get some mo for your fuc**d up mind.

  12. If Courtney Love can be made up…anyone can. Hope she recovers and retires before she ends up like the very boring Dionne Warwick.

  13. Crazy white lady.
    Drinks bourbon and steals cat food from the local supermarket.

  14. Denise, I agree regarding Jennifer Hudson, but Aretha reportedly has her heart (and mind) set om Halle Berry portraying her.

  15. Can you lose that much weight that fast after weight loss surgery? Its cancer.

  16. Denise—I stand corrected, having just read that Aretha has now given up trying to convince Halle, and instead wants either Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson for the role.

  17. Diana Ross is said to have had more male sex partners than any celebrity. How many has Aretha had and whom: Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, The Spinners? Morgan Freeman? Black Puffy Combs? Would anyone even fess up these days?

  18. I’m guessing that Aretha is losing weight like Star Jones did……

  19. I agree with those who said it was a weight loss surgery!
    The cancer stories were started to garner sympathy and throw everyone off the real issue…
    and I agree nobody starts to lose weight five minutes after being diagnosed with cancer…
    keeping the cancer rumors going keeps her name in the news doesn’t it?

  20. We all love Aretha’s music,and the lady is a legendary show biz fixture. Her voice has been declared by the State of Michigan to be a Natural Resource. Ms. Franklin was the first female singer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has won numerous awards, even being recognized for her opera singing voice. Aretha Franklin was born to sing, and she has always given her all when her music reached our ears. I consider myself to be at least one fan who loves her music and will continue to “respect” her privacy when it comes to her health. By law,we all have the right to privacy when it comes to our health, and just because Ms. Franklin declines to inform the general public about what she discusses with her private physician is No reason for any of us to put a label to what her illness is. I can easily believe that when she has passed through this hurdle and she wants to do a sit down and talk,than she will do just that. If the truth be told, a lot of us had been concerned about Aretha in recent years,and Now evidently she has made steps to get healthier, and how she does it is Not my or anybody else’s business. It is between Aretha Franklin and her health team. As always I wish her the best in continued good health.
    As far as the curiosity of Aretha’s love life,she has been married twice, and had a longterm relationship with Dennis Edwards of The Temptations. At the age of 68, she is a lady who has always given her best in entertaining, and hopefully we will continue to send her our best wishes of “Respect”!!

  21. She really looks so much better now but I hope she just had the band surgery and not cancer.

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