Siegfried and Roy are finally COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET! According to The National Enquirer, the two illusionists are writing a tell-all book about their lives together and in it they finally admit they were once lovers. When their affair ended, they remained partners and good friends. Both flamboyant performers battled drug problems – Siegfried was addicted to Valium twenty years ago, and Roy confessed he was hooked on painkillers after he was mauled. We love it when people out themselves.

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  1. It seems gay people in Hollywood only out themselves when their career is no longer hot…and when there is money to be made from revealing it (i.e. book, interviews etc).
    That is not terribly brave.
    Lance Bass could have outed himself when *NSYC was hot but he waited until he had become a “where is he now?” character.

  2. WTF? Next they will be claiming that Liberace was gay too.

  3. Gee Janet, you really report the hot news! Who thought these sexy metros were gay? Gee not us….

  4. You don’t say – good to see your site has the breaking news…….

  5. With regards to Lance Bass, he actually did a film a few years ago where he was trying to get the girl. That is beyond bad if you ask me.
    At least with S&R, you always kinda figured they were gay. It is like asking the question ‘Was Michael Jordan a good basketball player?’ Honestly, there shouldn’t have been a question about S&R, they just made it official recently.
    Off topic, I met the duo like 20 years ago in Vegas when I was checking out the white tiger exhibit at the Mirage. They were extremely nice and took lots of pics with fans.
    Obviously, when you are a kid, you don’t have much of a clue about people liking their same sex, etc. All you ask for is people to be nice. It was a cool experience for me to meet them, and I felt horrible when the mauling happened.
    Good for them. Hope Roy gets stronger.

  6. It will be nice to actually hear it from THEM. We’ve all known it, but it’s nice they’re going to admit it too. I’m also eager to hear the story of Roy’s stroke and recovery. It’s been WAY too long since their last book.

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