Beautiful blonde Amy Locane appeared on the first season of Melrose Place in 1992 and her future seemed unlimited. But after a few movie (Cry Baby) and TV appearances, her career fizzled, and in 2008 she settled down in her home state, New Jersey, with a local businessman and volunteer fireman, Mark Bovenizer. They had two daughters and Amy was out of the limelight until 2010 when she had a horrible accident. Amy slammed her car into the passenger side of a vehicle turning into a driveway. She killed a woman and injured the woman’s husband. She was arrested for driving under the influence and could have gotten ten years in jail. The judge just sentenced her to three years, citing that her absence was a hardship for her young children, one of whom is mentally disabled. The victim’s family was distraught. How do you feel about the judge’s decision? (Above, Amy now and then)

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  1. I am so sick of females getting off or getting reduced sentences just because they procreated. If a man gets 10 years a woman should get the exact same. If a man is sent away for 10 years and has children why is he not getting the same break? Fathers are just as important as mothers.

  2. I think it’s a fair sentence. Locane clearly has some problems; I doubt this was the first time she was driving drunk. Hopefully, she’ll be doing community service on top of this sentence, and lots and lots and lots of 12 step meetings. Very, very sad.

  3. I say lock her or any drunk driving murderer away for the max. That goes for doping drivers also.

  4. I have to wonder why AL’s handicapped child is so important to her now that she’s killed someone and needs to get out of a long term jail sentence. The kid didn’t seem to be so important the night AL was out getting pickled and decided to put herself in charge of an SUV. At 3 times the legal limit, she wouldn’t have been doing much childcare that night.

  5. So was she thinking about her poor sick kid when she was drinking and then driving? She used the “I need to take care of my poor sick kid” excuse and the foolish judge bought it. I bet this wasn’t the fist time she drove impaired, only the first time she got caught.

  6. Yes, she should have gotten more time for this crime. We all have kids and family to take care of….she should have thought of that in the first place.

  7. How much $$$$$ was also involved in the settlement? It wont bring back the people but nothing will. If she had been in Hollywood she would have walked with probation only.

  8. That’s celebrity justice for you!Regular Joe would have gotten 7-10 yrs.

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