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It’s been SO long since we’ve seen a flattering photo of Britney Spears that we HAD to publish this one from the set of her “Scream & Shout” video. (Click HERE to watch video) Her face and makeup are flawless in the picture although her fashion leaves something to be desired. And her ponytail looks great – even if it is fake. Why can’t she look like this when she goes to Starbucks?

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  1. Photoshop, perfect lighting, makeup artists, and a hairdresser don’t travel well.

  2. She needs to stop with the extensions, look at her receding hairline!

  3. I sbsolutely feel sorry for this chick. There is something so very wrong with her. All the money and fame in the world can’t solve her problems and that is sad.

    It appears that her dad has her best interest at heart but I have to wonder why they don’t invest what they have and let her move to some unknown place and live in anonymity and peace.

    That might not be what she wants but I don’t think she has the marbles to know what’s best for her.

  4. Guurll, I know youre smarter than that Janet and can identify a photoshopped photo when you see one. You identify them all the time with the Kardashians….

  5. Extreme photoshopping and airbrushing. Crazy is easy to hide with that. Not so easy in real life! She needs to just go away.

  6. She does have a very tranqed look in her eyes. Just hasn’t aged well. looks much older than she is. What ever age that is?

  7. Talented, lucky breaks, great management, but with mental health/personality disorder issues that have not been managed at all.
    No one in her inside circle really cares about her, only the ka-ching.

  8. What in the world is she wearing? Looks like a glorified strait jacket, specially made for a nutcase like her. (and a nutcase worth $200 million; now that’s GollyWeird at its finest).

  9. no weirder than handing out those silly tracts Christine …… how’s the double wide ?

  10. Kip and Lawanda: You are precious, yes you are. I hope this finds you well and joyous.

    Yet, I can’t imagine why you would be interested in tracts or any of my (or anyone else’s) activities. Very interesting.

    FYI, I have a house, 2017 square feet, w/ inground pool and Florida room. No double wide…my uncle lived in a double wide and is the only time I have ever even seen one. True, believe it or not.

    Yes, you are precious, you are, somewhat strange, but precious.

  11. Florida room ? oh, sure it’s not 2018 Sq. feet ? me thinks you doth protest too much Chrisitine.

  12. Christine, I don’t what you’re all bragging about, a house around 2000 square feet is pretty small really, and roughly the size of a typical double wide….

    oh, I get it now. You’re pretending, that’s OK. enjoy the trailer park honey.

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