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Shannen Doherty showed up for the Radar magazine party (funeral actually- the irreverant mag is kaput again) at the brand-new New York club Citrine this week. It’s rumored that she is dating the co-owner and entrepreneur David Rodolitz, and this photo does nothing to dispel the rumor. Shannen looks uncharacteristically coy. She seems to be making a bit of a comeback this year.
UPDATE: Shannon’s boyfriend has been misidentified. This is not David Rodolitz. Does anyone know who this boyfriend is?
FURTHER UPDATE: Shannen’s companion in the photo has been identified as Tim Bitici, a friend of hers and fashion editor for an Italian magazine.

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  1. The NEW 90210 is the worst and most boring c**p on TV, and Shannen is soooo over. There will never be another 90210, they should just give it up. No decent man should ever want to date her, she’s just too too weird.

  2. This woman was kicked out of Hollywood for stupidity. Like Lindsay BI-han.

  3. But do not lock yourself up in one room with her, folks!!
    (unless you wanna say goodbye to this world!!)

  4. Hi – I am sorry but we work with David Rodolitz and this is not him. Shannen is not dating the co – owner from Citrine. I don’t know who started that rumor. He has a serious girlfriend and I do not know Shannen’s dating status or anything about her personal life. I just wanted to clarify this wrong information.

  5. I know David Rodolitz….that is not him…the guy in the picture is much better looking than him and dresses better than him !

  6. I don’t know who that is.But he is hot. He looks like he thugs shannon

  7. Yeah, I’ve seen this guy in NY and Milan. He’s always w/ the most gorgeous women. He probably hangs with Doherty to help her UP her celebrity…

  8. I know that guy, he’s the King of NYC!!! He’s always where it’s happenin……I think his brothers are big time, you know, Gangsta’s!!!!

  9. OMG! That guy is so hot! He has legs for days, and is that jacket Helmut Lang?!

  10. Sorry to disapoint you all but that isn’t shannens boyfriend, that is one of her best friends, Tim. I know his last name too but I’m not going to post it for personal reasons.

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