Just when we thought we’d made some progress in this town, English actor Rupert Everett has announced that gay actors should NOT “come out” in Hollywood because it will end their careers. Rupert, 50, made a big splash in “Dance With A Stranger” with Miranda Richardson in 1985 and came out as gay in 1989. He says that since then, he’s had no leads in movies – only supporting roles. Rupert insists “You cannot be a 25 year old homosexual and make it in the film business anywhere.” Everett went on to play supporting roles as “gay best friend” to Madonna in “The Next Best Thing” and Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (above photo.) Rupert admits he’s probably happier than closeted actors, but not as successful.

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  1. Maybe his coming out had some effect, but the big factor was Everett’s bad acting. He broke into films because he was young, very British looking, and very pretty. It was the eighties, and there was much demand for Rupert’s look – as a result he got into some great films Another Country, Dance with A Stranger). By the late eighties, things had changed and the fey upper-class English type less appealing, and by the time there was a slot open the younger and fresher-looking Hugh Grant was there to fill it. There is nothing more annoying that someone with some sort of minority status who uses that as an excuse for the unfortunate effects of bad choices and/or bad luck.

  2. HA! he was too busy being sexy with ‘all’ the options out there and didn’t take his career seriously.

  3. Being Gay did not chill his career, Being a horrible actor and a self obsorbed and self loathing snarky bitch is what turned people off to him. He really should never have had a career on the screen as he’s boring and quite talentless. He’s made enough cash to fade away now, he rode the Hugh Grant coat tails long enough. the genre has ended.

  4. If Gays are revered….ala ellen/Portia….and Anderson Cooper/his lover….and…..Adam Lambert/his lover, why oh why shouldn’t they come out of the closet? It is a good and honorable thing to be a faggot/lesbian, right?

    Yeah, right, it is a good thing to be gay, that is if you don’t mind spending eternity in hades.

  5. Yes please, all you faggots just stay in the closet. The devil will dance with you anywhere.

  6. He should worry less about being gay and more about that hideous face lift he had, he is virtually unrecognizable now.

  7. Everything written in the post is true, but there’s on thing missing . . . he really & truly, FCUKed up his face with plastic surgery. That had more to do with it than ever.

    After his plastic surgery, I didn’t recognize him at all. I couldn’t believe he’d let some surgeon screw up his face, his stock & trade.

    After that, all I ever read from him was snarky, bitter comments all over the place. Apparently, his lover has left him because he can’t even get laid.

    0He needs to find his center again and get on with it instead of wallowing in self-pity with his snarkiness wrapped in embittered arrogance.

  8. Well “Saucy Sara” at least you’ll get to know him cause you’ll be standing right next to him in “heades”. Based on your comments, your either some mentally ill hate monger or white supremist freak. Enjoy hell douche.

  9. He may have something there. I recently saw the movie ‘An Ideal Husband’ then I read what he said. He is quite correct.

    For starters, this movie was about a hot to trot casanova committed to bachelorhood. I kept thinking to myself ‘of course, you don’t want to get married, you are gay and only pretending to like women.’ It goes without saying that the movie had nothing to do with sexual orientation, but looking at him spending 90 minutes escaping from the girls, you can’t help thinking how the movie lacked credibility because of poor casting.

    The public does not give a rat’s patuti what the actor’s sexual orientation is. Unfortunately, gay folks identify themselves as gay first, everything else a distant second. The public may not buy it when a gay actor plays the romantic lead (in a hetero situation of course).

    I think he is being real and introspective. It’s like Tiger Woods. Had he kept his mess private, he would have had a nice career. Now the next time we see him hitting a tee, we will think about poor Elin’s health and possibly contracting an STD. It’s human nature.

    What about Portia Rossi with a male lover in film. Doesn’t work. And that’s too bad.

    I ain’t a homophobe, just saying how people may see thing and respond in kind when selecting how to spend their $25 bucks at the movies.

  10. He looks good, he didn’t mess up his face, I saw him on something the other day and he looks fine. Besides he’s a good writer and doesn’t have to rely on acting solely. He’s right about the closet in Hollywood, the fact is that most gay men don’t have chemistry with women sexually, the camera doesn’t lie.

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