Gloria Allred MUST be having second thoughts about getting involved with Rachel Uchitel. Rachel denied the National Enquirer story linking her with Tiger Woods but she’s been caught in a number of lies. Rachel said she didn’t even KNOW the source who sold the story to the Enquirer, and the tabloid promptly produced photos of Rachel partying with the source. has found out that Tiger booked and paid for Rachel’s trip to Australia where she denies they had a tryst. Gloria must be looking askance at her client and we wonder how she will get out of this gracefully.

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  1. News conference today Thurs Dec 3rd. @ 11:30 called by the biggest whore of all Gloria Allred. At the conference, Rachael will throw Tiger Woods under the bus and Gloria will attempt to drive over him.

  2. That Grubb girl totally stole Rachel’s thunder.

    It doesn’t even matter what she says now, since there are so many other women coming out of the woodwork to drop a dime on this guy.

    Gloria must be pissed.

  3. My theory is Rachael aka whore #1, flew to LA to sign a non-disclosure agreement and get paid off by Woods. Since so many other whores are talking that deal was canceled. Therefore, time to toss Tiger under the bus.

  4. there is no story here now. all their denials have been proven as lies. they need to shut up and sit down.

  5. But wait… now Rachel is saying that she’s the one who caused the car crash because she was texting with Tiger on Thanksgiving night?

    And the other one is saying Tiger wanted to set her up in a condo in Vegas?

    And Gloria has cancelled the news conference?

    Get the popcorn.

  6. Gloria needs to back the mistress with a heart of gold that protected Tiger and will be MRS Tiger 2″?

  7. whores fighting over who the wife caught him texting to? you cant even make this shit up.
    I want a side by side, before and after on this Ugshitel’s plastic surgery, one thing for sure is that Tiger likes the plastic titties.

  8. And Gloria has canceled the news conference?

    Yes. The threat of the news conference, got the payment for her (Rachaels) silence back on track. Gloria probably (even) increased the price after she was double crossed.

  9. Serves Gloria right. Shes a media whore & will take cases on for free just to get in front of a tv camera, but won’t use her fame to help regular people get justice. I know this for a fact. Friends of mine begged her for help when they were caught in the middle of a govt coverup about their kids death. She turned her back on them becuz their were no celebs involved and not enough $ in it for her. I think this Rachel thing is hilarious.

  10. Every time you see this skankwhore, she is posing and trying to look like she’s not posing. What a frigging joke. Aside from his wife, Tiger has HIDEOUS taste in women! LOL! But I don’t believe that’s him on the voicemail.

  11. G better get the money from the yid first or she will get stiffed also. First thing she should tell Rachel is “lose the shades.”

  12. Rumor now has it that the wife, Elin, had been some sort of stripper or pole dancer–not the “au pair” she’d like everyone to think she was. Let’s face it: she’s pretty in that generic, un-original “California blonde” sort of way, and women like that–usually golddiggers (she’s already renegotiated her pre-nup to get a 7-figure settlement)–don’t need to be lowly nannies. Was she actually dumb enough to think she’d be his last? LOL!!!!

  13. Rumor now has it that the wife, Elin, had been some sort of stripper

    not true.

    The prenup was (however) adjusted upwards of 75 Million with an immediate cash payment of 5 million.

  14. From TMZ
    Rachel and Tiger Spoke Last Night
    Posted Dec 3rd 2009 12:09PM by TMZ Staff

    Gloria Allred has never canceled a news conference in her career … so why was today’s camera op scuttled? Sources tell us Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods have been communicating … as recently as late last night.

    Sources say Rachel was in touch with Tiger and his reps before Friday’s car accident and last night for approximately a half hour.

    There are reports of some sort of deal between Rachel and Tiger — i.e. money for silence — we have no knowledge one way or the other. As of last night we do know no financial overture had been made.

    But we do know Rachel, Tiger and his reps knew full well her original plan was to lie and deny the sexual relationship.

    What we do know for sure — Gloria Allred is a good chess player, so someone made a move in the last 12 hours.

    Stay tuned…

    Swedish golfer who once employed Tiger Woods’ wife — Elin Nordegren — and even introduced her to Tiger, just blasted him after a round today, saying he hopes Elin uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron.

    Jesper Parnevik employed both Elin and her twin sister as nannies in 2000, introducing Elin to Tiger the following year. Parnevik told a reporter he feels “especially sad since me and my wife were at fault for hooking her up with him.”

    Parnevik says Tiger may have taken his Nike credo too far and that next time, “Maybe not just do it.”

    Nordegren was born in Stockholm. Her mother, Barbro Holmberg, is a politician and former Swedish migration and asylum policy minister. Her father, Thomas, is a radio journalist who served as a bureau chief in Washington, D.C..[citation needed] She has one older brother, Axel, and a twin sister, Josefin.[1] Nordegren and her sister worked odd summer jobs and as cashiers in supermarkets to finance their studies.[2] She started modeling in 2000, and appeared on the cover of Cafe Sport magazine in the summer of 2000.

    Nude photographs hoax
    Shortly after Nordegren’s relationship with Woods became public, nude photographs of a woman resembling Nordegren began circulating on the internet, with text claiming it was, in fact, she. Nordegren, whose modeling work did include bikini photo shoots, vehemently denied that she has ever posed nude. The nude photographs claimed to be of Nordegren actually depict Playboy magazine model Kim Hiott, and most are derived from the 2000 edition of Playboy’s “Nudes” special edition.[6][7] Despite this identification and repeated denials from Nordegren and Woods, in September 2006 (immediately prior to the 2006 Ryder Cup) Irish magazine The Dubliner published an article “Ryder Cup Filth for Ireland,” which displayed the nude photographs of Hiott and again claimed they were of Nordegren.[8] Woods described the story as “unacceptable,” and his agent Mark Steinberg said, “Everyone knew it wasn’t her. It’s plain as day.”[9] Steinberg also said the couple was considering legal recourse against the magazine. The Dubliner issued an apology for the story, saying that they had printed the photos as a “satire of tabloid publishing.”

    On November 16, 2006, Nordegren filed a libel suit against The Dubliner.[10] Nordegren won the lawsuit and as part of the settlement accepted by a Dublin court, The Dubliner must publish its lengthy apology in a variety of venues, including in its next issue. If the magazine fails to meet the conditions the award will be increased to $366,500 and the publishers will have to pay Nordegren Woods’ legal costs.[11]

  15. This is so funny if it wasn’t so sad……the super-rich and famous buy tits for the whores they are keeping on the side and then commence to ‘JUGgle’ them, knowing it’s all silicone. He must have been suckled extensively by his Asian mama…..maybe Far Eastern milk tastes better.

    Also, I think Elin may take a lover (maybe the gardener or pool boy). Then she should assure Mr. T-stud that she will stick with him. Then, after a few months, drop the bomb on, saying, Goodbye sucka, thanks for the $million$. He will forever be tainted.

  16. She’s not getting $1 million from Tiger, but she’s shopping her story around for the largest pay day.

    A girl’s gotta eat & look even better . . .


  17. The rumor of a pre-nup rewrite is short-changing Elin. With tiger worth a billion, and making $100,000 million a year, giving her $80 million, and a $5 million “bonus” is just chump change for tiger. He’s still trying to get off easy. What a jerk. Hope Elin has good advisors.

  18. I can’t speak for her, but I don’t think I’d stay with a serial cheater for $80mil if I could get hundreds of millions in a divorce.

  19. “LICKING” can be fun too.

  20. Hilarious that Gloria got taken by a con woman even worse than she is. Allred is a total AZZHOLE.

  21. Ok.. Woods is not sexy enough to be involved in a sex scandal, he is ONLY an adulterer!
    Woods is a strange looking man whose success as an athlete insures his success with women.
    I would not expect a super geek like Woods to NOT take advantage of his fame to score with these lame hoes- including the broad he married.

  22. Gloria found out that Rachel = Jew and probably wishes this is one time she hadnt been so eager to charge the camera.

  23. Gloria is a fame whore for pay but Yiddish Rachel is a fame whore for fun it seems. What has happened on her returning the Tiger Woods hush money?

  24. Fish lipped jewess Uchitel is now divorced and soon we will see her try snd recreate some of her fsme.

  25. Next thing Sue will be telling us is that Rachel is also not a jew.

    Hint for Rachel and Heidi: the greed and focus on $$$ gives it away!

  26. There’s something pathetic about repeatedly posting racist comments to long defunct stories Strom, what’s wrong buddy ? no friends ? no job ? no life ?

  27. Poor GI, so worried about Strom. Please advise of anything inaccurate!

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