Rumer Willis got a job. She’s modeling surf wear in an ad campaign for the Ocean Pacific line of clothes. In the ads she’s featured with actresses Josie Maran, Christina Milian, and Kristin Cavallari. We think she looks cute and hope readers will stop making those obnoxious negative comments about her. Give her a break!

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  1. Po-ta-toe!! Sorry, but she is just plain fug. The wig doesnt change that

  2. It’s tragic to see Bruce Willis’ face on a woman. Really DOES NOT work, does it? Must be heartbreaking given that she’s the daughter of beautiful Demi!!

  3. Sorry! She shouldn’t in a bikini or in the picture! Atleast she isn’t a SKANK! Like Amy winehouse! >:-D
    Had to throw that in there.

  4. Awww, bless her. She must feel so out of place with pretty girls.

  5. Rumer Willis fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I choked on my own vomit when I saw her in a bikini.
    Whatever you do, don’t open a can of Alpo in her presence.

  6. Rumer Willis is 18. She smokes, drinks and parties in the clubs. She is the ugliest of the three daughters of two very good-looking parents. She thinks she’s all that when in reality she is just the useless spawn of celebs with a huge sense of entitlement and belief she’s as talented as they just because they gave birth to her. Plus, she is just soooooo ugly!

  7. Excuse me, Miss J, I love ya but when one enters the entertainment industry as an entertainer, one exposes oneself to a harsh spotlight Not everyone is gonna blow smoke up your butt.
    Just because Mom and Dad did their thing in movies and TV that does mean Rumor is entitled to a career of her own as an actor.
    If she weren’t Bruce and Demi’s child, do you honestly believe she would have a chance at success as a “model” or even an actor?
    She is a strange looking kid with an unusually large jaw and an unusually small nose.

  8. Sorry, but she just doesn’t belong with this group. I have met thousands of young women in my life that are more attractive, particularly in a bikini, whose parents aren’t named Bruce and Demi.
    She is an odd looking kid who wound up in the rags and ads because her parents have powerful publicists. If I were her, I’d be humiliated!
    She should show off her brains (if she has any?) by going to college and becoming successful on her own.

  9. I totally agree, 2:28 pm.
    Her parents should have demanded she pursue higher education and then if she wanted to do the acting thing, give her the support she may have needed.
    nepotism works wonders but the reality is, acting talent is not a family heirloom, nor is good looks it seems in this instance.

  10. She is so ugly and obnoxious. She should have a complete head transplant.

  11. Isn’t it interesting how nasty people are? How many of you bitches are women? Those who are, think about this: isn’t it women who are always crying and moaning and whimpering that they don’t want to be judged on their looks? So then, who turns around and does it worse than men do? Women. And you know who you are. You’re the same people who hate being judged and yet you probably also were those in the group who asked why Charles preferred Camilla to Diana. It’s not all about the looks, you morons.

  12. 3:29pm.
    if its not all about looks, why is Demi Moore the plastic surgery queen of HW?

  13. Born-rich privileged kids with huge chins and square jawlines don’t have to go to college. They get whatever they want riding on the coattails of their mega-million $ parents. We all know this. She is already heavy into the party scene. I guess her hangers-ons and boyfriends might want Demi/Bruce to jumpstart their career, so they shower attention on their little spoon-fed gremlin.

  14. Chin in IN!
    Stop hidding that AMAZING CHIN.
    She said a few months ago fame is a 24hr job and she was ready for it. So is UGLY.

  15. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone. (Old Chinese Proverb).

  16. The three Willis girls: Rumer Glenn, oldest, Scout, next, and Tallulah Belle, youngest. The stars weren’t aligned and the genes didn’t mesh for them. Demi and Willis wanted at least one boy. Such a pity they didn’t have boys….triple pity.

  17. MamaSan, 4:31 PM…..LOL. Btw, Scout’s middle name is LaRue, Scout LaRue. If they would have had boys, hate to think what their names would be. Gollyweird stars are soooo strange, and strange ain’t a strong enough word.

  18. Well, no matter how you slice it, this chick doesn’t cut it. I think her mom or dad’s agent should get paid overtime, especially since she was just named one of the 100 prettiest women. Come on! I see prettier girls at Wal-Mart.
    I see another Lindsay Lohan in the making.
    Maybe Bruce should quit screwing girls his daughters’ age and Demi should give up plastic surgery and pay attention to their daughter.
    The mags love this extended family, but mark my words – they are not the family everyone thinks they are. You’ll see.

  19. yeah and the even bigger joke is she is rumer is one of people (the publicist mag:)50 most beautiful people…dear lord! i guess bruce and demi contacted lots of people to make that one happen

  20. Ashton Kutcher…I’m still in shock. And it’s common knowledge the 3 girls call Ashton MOD (My Other Dad). And Demi, Ashton, Bruce, and Bruce’s slut of the month sometimes go out together. This is sick, even for GollyWeird. Does Rumer really think this is a normal life, and does she really think she is pretty?

  21. This cretin child is even uglier than YOU, Charletton. That’s really sayin’ something.

  22. How nice for her that she has famous parents who can get these jobs for her. She certainly would never get them on her own.

  23. I checked with my uncle, a renowned plastic surgeon, and he said there is little if anything that can be done about her chin/jaw configuration.

  24. Maybe she’s okay with her chin/jaw. Why on earth should she change it for you vicious people? Janet, I hope that these don’t represent all your readers. They’re bullies, as they probably were at school and are at work. Yuck.

  25. The girl can’t help the way she looks. You people with negative comments need to lay off. Leave the girl alone.

  26. There’s nothing wrong with her you catty old queens. She’s cute.

  27. She’s got a great figure. This photo is one of the most flattering I’ve seen of her.

  28. If i ever needed a reason to never ever buy OP stuff again, OPjust gave me one by using that talentless ugly drug filled kunt that is the product of anal sex gone awry between Bruce and Demiho.

    Why o Why is Amerca going down?
    The answer is here: PAY ATTENTION and DECIDE!!

  30. If she wanted to become a singer, but was tone-deaf, you’d have no problem if people criticized her. She’s really not an attractive girl. She’s not entitled to success as a model or actress just because her parents are stars. Rumer Willis needs to earn her way through talent and/or good looks just like everyone else.

  31. Some sort of genetic mutation occured with Rumer. Accordingly it has been named ‘potatoe head syndrome’. I feels sorry for Rumer as even radical surgery like that undertaken by her Mother will not correct this affliction.


  33. Almost all the post are about how bad Rumer looks. The will of the people speaks. No one barely said a word about the other three.

  34. I think Rumer should go to college, get a good education, and make something of herself on her own merit. If she did think, I think she would garner much more respect. On one hand I feel sorry for her. On the other hand, I feel she thinks she’s entitled to a career and no one is entitled to one. You have to work for it and what other girl looking like Rumer and showing up in Hollywood would get a second look? It’s sad we are judged by our looks, but what else would you expect in Hollywood?

  35. She’s a hideous beast who should make something more out of her privilege than prancing around in front of cameras pretending to be her mother. Face it, Rumer: you have no beauty so go explore the possibility that you might have some talent or intelligence to cultivate AWAY from Hollywood.

  36. She’s got a nice body and would be a knock out if she wore a bag over her face.

  37. Belive me she is better
    looking then ANY OF THE ABOVE POSTERS…

  38. Chritian Milan is the best out of all them. She shows how ugly everyone really is.

  39. It’s a bikini ad, not a face cream ad. Rumer’s the most natural looking body of the bunch. Look how the others are posing desperately.

  40. Her parents are both pathetic, can’t bear the thought of aging gracefully. Rumer looks like Bruce in the face, a very bad look for a female. Spoiled little rich girl, she shouldn’t try to cash in on her looks, cause they are nonexistent

  41. If her mother hadnt called in every favor owed to her and everyone she knows to get her on People Magazine’s Most beautiful People list then maybe I would give her a break

  42. All these people with so much hate for Rumer just hate themselves. They are homely, sad, have no career, no lives, no hope. Odd how most have the name “Anonymous.”

  43. Want something positive? The marketing folks at OP are freaking geniuses to make her look not horrible in the pic above. There, positive comment.

  44. kait 7:24 PM. I for one never said I hated Rumer. In fact,I think she needs fervent prayers. I am not one of the ‘Anonymous’….what I posted was what I have seen of her…..this picture, TMZ, E.T., People Mag, Access Hollywood, Extra Magazine, etc. All I personally said in essence was she is not very pretty. If the other posters indicate they hate her, that is their and your problem. BUT, NOW I AM FREAKING %##@@)*-@!&#@ ANONYMOUS.

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