Reality star Kristin Cavallari, 37, continues to make headlines thanks to her May/December romance with 24-year-old TikTok star, the hunky Mark Estes. While Mark is still part of the social media group, Montana Boyz (they basically lip sync usually with their shirts off) here’s what’s really going on: Kristin is amused with Mark’s TikTok career and even appeared in one of his videos, but she’s encouraging him to branch out and become a movie star! Unbeknownst to the other Montana Boyz, Kristin arranged for Mark to take acting lessons, as she thinks his TikTok career is a dead end. Okay, so they’re not exactly the Beatles, but this does seem to paint Kristin as the Yoko Ono of the Montana Boyz. Our source says Mark has stars in his eyes and will likely leave the group for greener pastures.

Elon Musk and former CNN anchor Don Lemon made headlines this past week thanks to their interview. Elon hired Don to do a regular show on his platform X, (formerly Twitter), and even agreed to sit down for Don’s first interview. Before the interview was even posted to X, Elon terminated the agreement. We are hearing that behind closed doors Elon and Don are once again in talks to have Don launch his show on X. Some insiders are even speculating that the whole entire brouhaha was one giant publicity stunt. Only time will tell.

Megan Fox raised a few eyebrows on her podcast, Call Her Daddy, when she alluded to trouble in paradise in her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. Although Megan didn’t go in to too many details, our source is revealing that while the couple is trying to work out their issues, their engagement is definitely OFF. They’ve been in therapy, but now seem to be morphing into friends rather than lovers. This explains why they’re now sleeping in separate bedrooms. Our source says that they definitely still adore one other, but the passion has fizzled and they’re acting more like roomies.

Surprise surprise, Donald Trump made headlines once again with his outrageous claim that he would consider deporting Prince Harry for his past drug use if he was elected president. Here’s what we already know and you should too if you’re a loyal reader to this website:  As we previously revealed, Harry has already started the arduous process of becoming a US citizen, as he has no plans to ever return to living in the UK (especially once his brother Prince William becomes King.) And Harry IS making progress with the citizenship process. Meanwhile our political source says Trump would never in a million years deport Harry, he’s just trying to throw red meat to his rabid followers who seem to thrive on such nonsense.

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  1. Janet please keep this part of your websight every week. I like to read it and you give us so much news in each story so it is nice to read.

  2. -Kristin must have had vaginal rejuvenation after all of those kids and partners…yuck . Of couse I’m sure she had surgery to remove foetus

    -Nobody wants to hear from Don Lemon or watch CNN

    – Megan Fox is nothing without David Silver’s powerful seed

    -Prince Harry was deported by UK because he couldn’t show a dna test to prove any Windsor blood

  3. Wasn’t Kristin the housewife that smelled like fish?

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