Female celebrities get picked on for every pound they gain, so let’s turn the tables and pick on a guy! Puff Daddy is living up to his name if this photo is any indication. Even a nicely tailored suit can’t disguise his round midsection. Many men think that facial hair will disguise a double chin, but it doesn’t fool US! Above, he’s promoting his new bottled water AquaHydrate, an electrolyte drink and he claims it cures hangovers.

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  1. I ran into him at the inauguration couple years back after SPeeCh we all sat down and ate…

  2. Bottled water is a scourge on the planet and does this jerk need your money? Stay away. Very far away.

  3. …..and is hoping alot of naive americans will buy this stuff so he can rent a plane and move to “Nikki Beach-Sant Tropez”this summer.

  4. What a PARASITE. 1 plastic water bottle takes 450 years to bio-degrade. He doesn’t need the money. Like all corporate “artists” he is greedy and will do anything to get even more cash. He talks about the ghetto but if he really cared he would be trying to get toxic fluoride out of tap drinking water as poor people cant buy crap overpriced bottled water (which contains toxic fluoride too!) People stop being braindead consumers and don’t buy this garbage!!!

  5. The picture that should pop up over J Lo every time is the one of her on all fours servicing this BLACK Puffy Combs in order to gain some fame!

  6. This guy is a jerk, and now a round one at that. John is correct do not buy bottled water.

  7. I’m afraid there will never come a time when bottled water is not sold. I have never ever seen a picture of a celeb power walking or whatever that they didn’t have a bottle in their hand. Yet they are the hypocrites who try to promote ‘going green’ and programs to save the earth. The only time I really used bottled water was when my roof was getting repaired and the 2 men had to take 2 bottles up there ’cause it was so hot.

  8. There’s a sucker born everyday and Americans will line up over night to support this complete fraud.

  9. Glad to see so many posters have caught on to the great hoax of getting people to pay for water — stuff that was once free everywhere until a genius figured out how to get the world to pay for it through creative packaging.

  10. The real picture that should pop up over J Lo every time is the one of her on all fours servicing this BLACK Puffy Combs in order to gain some fame!

  11. Strom, dear, no one responded positively to your goofy post the first time, so why would we react, for the second iteration of the same silliness ? Except perhaps, in the spirit of a cyber intervention to state the obvious …. Your need for attention speaks volumes buddy !

    around here …

    We suspect your a stone cold Butch Lesbian Communist Democratic Jew in a long term, committed relationship (civil union !) with BLACK trans-gender aerobics instructor, the famously hateful faux Christian fatty, Christine India. with whom you share a double wide, both anxiously waiting for the Apocalypse or a really big sale at Wallmart where you both deliriously work.

  12. Poor ST…crusading for all things rainbow. Always ready to call posters names. Always on the lookout for a thread of all things BLACK.

    Maybe better learn some spelling and grammer instead of striving for a certificate of message board yacks.

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