Looks like Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has been celebrating a bit TOO much – he got himself booted out of a restaurant. Last week he was in San Francisco and turned up at Askew Grill with a group of friends. A witness told us “Christian looked like a disaster – his hair was flat and messy, he looked pale and queasy, and two friends were holding him up and helping him walk.” It was only around 8 but he looked totally drunk. Restaurant patrons got very excited to see the pint-sized designer and began to mill about hoping for autographs and photos. He was hustled to a private corner on the patio and admirers were shooed away. Soon after, he leaned over and started puking into a planter! Other diners were revolted and the irate owner rushed over and ordered Christian’s friends to “Get him out of here now!”

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  1. Obviously not, if he’s still being talked about.

  2. At this rate, the little faggot won’t be around much longer. He’ll die of alcohol poisoning/drugs/AIDS. Pitiful wasted life of a talent. And there’s not much else you can say about him.

  3. He’s a talented little guy who can go far in the industry. But he needs to be disciplined. Sadly he lacks that ability in more ways than one. I’m rooting for Christian in many ways.

  4. That is so disgusting, not to mention unfair to the people who have to clean up after him. Good for the owner for kicking him out. Drunkenness is never in style.

  5. Maybe he was sick, not drunk…
    Every time I see a photo of him, at first I think it’s Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live doing her imitation of him!!

  6. Did any of you haters ever get drunk? It happens.

  7. Art Chic: I don’t see too much ‘hate’ toward him; mostly pity and compassion.
    Gerard: You are correct; Jesus condemns homosexuality in Romans Chpt. 1.

  8. Of course their were gays in the time of Jesus…who do you think designed all those outtasite sandals and caftans?

  9. Askew is an inexpensive chain, a SF foodie version of McDonalds. .. guess he spent his money on booze, not food!

  10. 1. this overly flaming designer was hand picked to win in the first place. If you think these reality shows aren’t scripted then I have the winning lotto numbers to sell to you.
    2. Wouldn’t you be sick if you just spent a few hours getting your rectum slammed in a SF gay bath house and swallowed boat load of semen from strange men?

  11. He’s into the Male-abuse scene and needing designer drugs to make it a super-fun experience. So sad he will probably waste his ‘fame and future’ or be made a major designer star as he is such a sleaze in a few months.

  12. 8:33 is the stalker imposter troll how utter boring sad and well, tweaky. How’s life from your mother’s basement 8:33?
    Now Janet, you said your webmaster was gonna deal with these trolls, you told me so MONTHS AGO! You need to let other moderate the board to weed out the pesky, impersonating and homophobic trolls infesting this site.

  13. Janet, no one will post or read if this happens….who wants boring. I am not an impersonator.

  14. he wasn’t even in san francisco!
    and i don’t know what’s wrong with all you people, but homophobia is lame.

  15. OMG…lies…lies…lies…people will do anything for a story…get your facts straight people…he was in NY, sober, and working…

  16. thats not true!!!
    hahahahakeep dreaming

  17. Janet, you may want to get your facts straight before you have a law suit slapped on you for the libel you printed. He was on the East Coast. Also, you should very well consider getting someone to filter all of the homophobic comments on your site. It’s in very poor taste. For example, Ruby Red’s ignorant comment. Pretty sickening.
    I know Christian personally and I’m proud to call him my friend. I know that he doesn’t behave this way. Anyone who actually knows Christian is aware that he takes his career seriously and that he’s a class act when he’s in public.

  18. I’m not Ruby Red, but have read his/her comment. True, it is a little harsh, but it sounds like him (or her) hopes he won’t die of alcohol/drugs/AIDS. It has been established that he is gay and this not a rumor. This is the Ruby Red of 6:52 PM>

  19. He was definitely in NY. If you want to be respected as a blogger, then you should probably start by posting some stories that are more than just blatant lies.

  20. To: GValentine 10:16 AM: 5:47 PM (George Michael) may have been more “BAD” than other comments.

  21. I’d like to projectile vomit all over most of you commentors & Janet, you mung-loving FUPA’s…

  22. You all are a bunch of hateful pathetic people.
    #1 – He’s in his early 20’s, if he wants to get drunk on occasion SO BE IT!! Who out there can say they’ve never been drunk?
    #2- there are a lot of reports that say this story was made up, that when he was supposedly in SF he was actually in NYC. Drunk or not,Christian would never go out with his hair flat and messy.
    #3 – Why are you all calling him a fa**** and quoting bible versus in the same breath? You are the ones that need the help, not him.

  23. To Set this whole thing straight, HE WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO. I know, because I was there. I saw the whole thing as did 30 + other people. If you would like to check the facts call Askew and ask them. It was on April 24th.
    As FOR all the HOMOphobes the book of Romans were letters by Paul to the Romans and NOT from Jesus. Know your facts before you start quoting.

  24. Yay SFboi!! I’m your homegirl I live in Little Saigon. Tho’ I haven’t heard of this happening I’m not suprised if it did since celebs love to get drunk and sexed here.
    PS the homophobe(s) are mainly one poster Gerald Bernard, Gerald Vanderberg, etc. trolling under different names


  26. Thanks Art Chic.
    To George Michael, There are no Gay Bath Housing in San Francisco. Get informed before you make a tasteless statement.

  27. SFBoi
    for some strange reason closet cases LOVE posting homophobic comments on this site! Hope you keep adding gossip here and help me reality slap the trolls!

  28. This story is fake so all you haters look like morons.

  29. He wasn’t even fucking there. This is total slander…

  30. christian was in ny, not in sf, and he should be suing you for slander.

  31. Yeah, he was there. This was an AIDS Charity event at Castro restaurant and other restaurants in SF on April 24th. Dining Out For Life. Do a Google Search to confirm the date. I was there before he arrived, and after he left. I saw him come in, about 90 minutes late (he was expected and the word was out among some people, before the event), he was “walked” to the back by people who were with him. He then went to the patio in the back with his people, and then quickly was escorted out by the same people who brought him in. Yes, he looked bad. His head was down every time I saw him, and he engaged no one around him. Yes he was pasty-fleshed, flat-haired, sullen, un-present looking, and indifferently dressed. Looked like he was having a bad day. Two guys similar of age walked with him, each supporting him between them. There was at least one other person with them. We all were disappointed, but life goes on. He answers to himself, his choice of faith or not, and fate…and those he might choose to… Certainly not to us.

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