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It’s a wonderful life if you’re Brad and Angelina. Above is a photo of the luxurious house they’re leasing for the summer in the South of France. It has amazing views of the water from almost every window and flowers blooming all around. On one balmy day Brad and Angelina left the other kids home with the nannies and took Zahara for a helicopter ride so they could look at some properties for sale in Monaco.



  1. Who cares about these two filthy marriage breaking fornicators?

  2. to those who feel sorry for shiloh because she is not with them , you are a fool to think that i agree 100 percent with no. 19 the only reason shiloh is not with them is because they are protective of shiloh not because they don

  3. monaco, so they can avoid U.S. taxes. Give the IRS the middle finger.

  4. Too rich. Too spoiled. Too pampered. Guilty half baked humanitarians.
    They just are fake to me.

  5. 2:49 PM is correct. Brad Pitt is a damn adulterous fool. True, they are living an unbelievable life of unspeakabe fortune now. But do these two fornicators ever think that a helicopter is not exactly safe. When the wrath of the Almighty reaches a boiling point, these two will be brought down according to His will. I would never want to be them; they are crazy. Plus jerking the kids around the world constantly is not exactly a great way for kids to live. Didn’t her doctor tell her it’s dangerous to fly at her stage of preggers? I will never understand this.

  6. What did all these holier-than-thou Bible-thumpers crawl out from under?
    “The wrath of God”???
    You all sound like that intellectual bastion of Christian compassion—-Fred Phelps! He loves to call people “fornicators.” He’s probably molesting his granddaughter when he’s not thumping his Bible and condemning everyone to hell.

  7. Heaven vs. hell.
    Ah, the eternal struggle.

  8. Little she-devil Z can’t hurt Shiloh, or bother Pax or Maddox if they keep closer tabs on her.

  9. I worry most for Pax, who was not only stripped away from his only friends but had his name/identity wrenched from him and trashed so Angelina could redub him. You don’t change a child’s name!!!!!

  10. How do they fly all over the world, buy more property, maintain the 5 or 6 mega-mansions they split time in, make movies, take care of 4 kids, prepare for 2 more on the way (prolly to be born in outer Mongolia), do 3rd world charity work, get the kids to school, take them to doctor, groceries, laundry, etc.? How did Brad even find time to knock her up? They must be super human…even with an army of nannies and assistants, their schedule is unbelievable and grueling.

  11. I’m totally convinced now this brad PIT was made with a FABBY dick!!

  12. I agree with Rush Ya (7:37 PM). Just reading about their exhausting schedule and travel and mansions and kids and movies and pregnancy makes me tired. Btw, any way you slice it, they are living together in sin and fornication. I read that Angelina’s mother begged her to marry him and Brad begged her as well. What’s wrong with this crazy woman? I guess her pappy Jon Voight knew her better than anyone and rightly said that she is mentally disturbed. (or words to that effect).

  13. Angie is a whack job. She keeps having kids just to twist the knife in jennifer.

  14. 1221 you are so on target with your comments. plus all the money in the world she always looks like a bum; probably trying to be the anti-jennifer and look like trash since jennifer always looks so picture perfect.

  15. I think Jennifer and Angelina hate each other to the utmost. It’s the jealousy “law of the jungle”….(the female stealing of the male). For instance, look at the case of Kelli Ripa. She brings in 99% of the money, yet she is still afraid Mr. Mark Ripa will cheat, just as Frank Gifford cheated on Kathie Lee, who was the family’s bread-winner. (a little off-subject, sorry…been wanting to say this for a long time). JANET, GIVE US A SUBJECT OF MS. RIPA, PLS.

  16. The magic words were, “they left their other kids with their nannies”. These two make me want to puke.
    One gets the feeling they are trying to cram all this “stuff” into their lives because they are so needy and unhappy.
    I love to read about Jennifer Anniston – these two – NO!
    I hope she keeps collecting kids and he’s strapped to her forever. They truly deserve each other.
    Jon Voight was RIGHT ON! She doesn’t have all the dots on her dice, for sure. He must not either to put up with her insanity.
    A previous poster was correct – she’s cramming kids down his throat as a slam to Jennifer.
    Only he’s not smart enough to catch on – or maybe he doesn’t have enough time to figure it out, what with holding all her orphans…

  17. To Rush Ya,
    RE: Getting the kids to school,– they don’t. These kids are going to grow up without a formal education; there is no consistency in their schooling. How many schools has Maddox been to? Regarding all their homes; it is nothing more than real estate to Brad. He buys and will sell at some point.
    I see Angelina way down the line as being alone with all these kids, possibly even living in Europe.

  18. I like Brad and the three youngest kids. Maddox and Angelina should go live in Europe together. I can picture them in France when they’re both over 60, doting on one another. And I think that’s nice. I think they’d both be super happy and content that way. I see Brad moving his parents closer to him in LA and all of them focusing on the other three kids, creating a lovely family. Clearly, Brad’s listening to his ‘other’ brain around Angie. He’ll leave one day. I just hope the kids’ hearts don’t break. That’s my only concern, although it’s none of my damn business.

  19. I feel kind of sorry for the kids…yes they have all the money in the world and a life of privelige…BUT…where’s the consistancy. Wouldn’t it be better if Bradgelina stayed in one place for at least a year or a few months?
    As for the kids education…i’m thinking home schooling…so they’re okay education wise… ;-).

  20. Are Americans really this hateful, lonely, spiteful and angry? It sound like a bunch of loonies who are trying to live vicariously through people they never met. How sad.

  21. It’s not like there were never big families and hired help and nannies whom also tutor the children.

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