Ron Burkle had a birthday party for P Diddy over the weekend and some new couples formed during that warm California night. Entourage’s Kevin Connolly obviously has a thing for tall blondes because he was deep in conversation with Cameron Diaz all evening. They were holding hands when they left together…
Speaking of Entourage, the pretty actress who played Kevin Connelly’s girlfriend on the show, Emmanuelle Chriqui, showed up at the party with HER new boyfriend, basketball star Baron Davis. Baron has a business partnership with Jessica Alba’s boyfriend Cash Warren, so they probably double date a lot.



  1. Cam the Scam Diaz will hook up with any guy that will get her pot or drugs. She’s a skank and will give up her bunghole for maryjane.
    She’s a joke. So is hollywood.

  2. This is “CAM” the SHAM and the PHARAO’S – WOOLY BULLY!!

  3. @gerard Vandenberg
    You need to give it up it’s so obvious that you’re the one impersonating me.
    Also, you have many other names. You are the resident misogynist/gay basher.
    The fake Art Chic posts happen minutes after you post, you’re busted.
    Janet knows all about it but hasn’t set up some sort of filter or registration.
    Plus your writing style is boring I add good dish with a San Francisco favor whereas your is moldy from your mama’s basement.
    You are a sad sick person to get your kicks impersonating me and spreading racist hate (as I am positive you are also 10:13), hope you don’t have kids to ruin.

  4. In Kevin Connelly’s world, ALL women are tall; he’s 5 feet-three.
    In heels.

  5. 10:03 PM said Cameron has been a slut since breaking up with Justn Timberlake. What? She has always been a crazy party/dick-loving slut. She just wore Justin out and moved on. Never heard about her desire for the ladies however, unless it’s being kept in the closet. She does need a tit job and to get her broken nose re-fixed.

  6. Cameron cancelled a huge chunk of her press obligations over the weekend, presumably because she’s in mourning. Is she using sex as a salve?

  7. Hey Janet:
    It wasn’t a BirfDay pardee for P. Diddy, ’cause his B. Day is in November. It was a pardeee to celebrate his Hollywood Boulevard STAR….

  8. Cameron Diaz and Kevin Connolly. Thats a cute couple in the making. Hmmm…. She likes cute funny guys. We’ll have to see.

  9. A star on the walk has turned into a joke. They give them out to anyone with $3500. Thats all it costs. P shitty is a gay with a lisp. Does hollyweird really need another? btw- what has shitty done to deserve a star?

  10. Cameron has opened herself up to so many men, she has more than likely lost count. She’s getting over the hill fast, but as long as she keeps putting out it will delay the inevitable.

  11. Chriqui…how many average joes know who she is, let alone how to spell it.

  12. Watch out for this one- rumor has it that Nicky Hilton wants Kevin Connolly back. At first, she was upset to always show up at the same clubs as him, but now she is going out of her way to be at his known hangouts, and Nicky has been leaving beau David Katzenberg at him. Given how much weight she has lost lately, this girl does not seem happy. She looked much happier back when Kevin and she were an item. Don’t be surprised if these two meet for “lunch” soon.

  13. Rachel Griffiths & Channing Taturm are together!! woah yay and I love their family pic! so cute.

  14. Rachel Griffiths & Channing Taturm are together!! woah yay and I love their family pic! so cute.

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