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Princess Caroline of Monaco looks stern as she watches her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi compete in the Gucci Masters equestrian competition in Paris. It so happens that Gucci started out many years ago as a riding apparel company. Charlotte finished in 5th place. It’s amazing what Grace Kelly’s genes did to improve the first family of Monaco.

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  1. Geez, how OLD is that Princess Caroline now? She’s either pretty old or she needed to stop smoking 40 years ago! The skin of her face could be used for a very successful anti-smoking campaign. Oh, and yes, the daughter does look pretty cute from what I can see. Hope she doesn’t pick up her mother’s nasty habit. Love the horsey!!

  2. Wow she looks really ROUGH…..ugh! put down the cancer sticks….gross!!!!

  3. The only thing I see is a horrible cigarette and awful skin.

    I can’t believe people in this day and age still smoke.

  4. The very wealthy buy the most expensive creams–looks like whatever Caroline uses didn’t work too well.

  5. Caroline is only a couple of years older than I am, but she looks at least 15 years older. Makes me glad that I never smoked.

  6. Remember when you thought it was cool to smoke well it wasn’t look at her and you can see. She was a fine looking woman a few years back.

  7. Grace Kelly was absolutely stunning. I wonder if her kids would have turned out better, had she not been killed in a car accident. Caroline has been married 3 x with kids by two of those husbands. Albert still has never married, but has fathered two kids out of wedlock. And Stephanie, sheesh, she married 3x, too, and NONE of her kids were born when she was actually married. It’s really disgusting how they’ve run their personal lives. Maybe it’s a good thing Princess Grace is not alive to see how they’ve turned out.

  8. Most of their designer clothes and high-end furniture no doubt have cigarette burns and holes all over them.:)

  9. They were not a perfect family and selish mom and pop neglected them.

  10. Dang, she looks way older than her age and her younger sister looks even worse. Smoking and all that suntanning did them no favors.

  11. @dee cee, yeah, the family was a complete mess. The daughters went from one ill-advised marriage to another, and the son is a closet case. Grace Kelly was beautiful, but her family was messed up, and she had issues that no doubt contributed to her children’s problems.

    The grand kids seem to stay out of trouble, but that may just be because the family has a team of now-experienced Cleaner Uppers.

  12. She looks very unhappy and like she hasnt had a good screwing in months….Grace was very free with her charms and David Niven said she was the best he had ever had.

  13. Definitely a bad picture. I haven’t seen a close up in years so it kinda shocked me. She was always such a beauty and her daughter looks almost exactly like her at that age. Every family has it’s issues and craziness. Both girls seemed a bit wilder than most in the 70’s and 80’s but who knows…..we might have done the same thing or worse had we been in their expensive shoes.

  14. Ol’ Gracie’s genes sure didn’t make a dent in that skanky little Stephanie! But then it’s not all her fault…both her parents (and her siblings) were/are notoriously promiscuous. The apple never falls far from the tree! If you go even further back, you’ll find that Rainier was descended from some unholy union with a maid!

  15. Grace Kelly was well know to be one the biggest HObags in Hollywood in her day so it’s kind of amusing the way people still put her on a pedestal.

  16. WOW so Grace Kelly was a ho-bag and Rainier is the maids kid? Why even bother playing royal games anymore? Certainly none of these spawn deserve to “wear the crown”.

  17. Sal, really? You don’t know your European history, that is for sure. Royals and nobles are notorious for their peccadilloes a perversions. There is enough documentation of royal naughtiness in the modern era. Before that the nobility could do whatever it wanted (for example in 17th century England noblemen rode the countryside in search of maidens to rape).

    The British royals are hardly a family portrait of morality: Diana stringing along Doddi while having an affair with a Pakistani doctor, Sarah getting her toes sucked poolside. Hell, for much of his life married to Elizabeth, Prince Phillip has bonked his way through London society.

  18. Hey Sebastian, did you know the real reason Edward abdicated for Wallis Simpson was because he was a Hitler supporter? The royal family was terrified of the scandal and let him abdicate to get rid of him. The royal family of Britain is actually german and very anti-semetic.

  19. Ha! Naomi, yeah, thanks for highlighting that one. The Windsors were notorious as Nazi supporters, and were not just considered an embarrassment to the royal family, but a threat to national security.

    Btw, North Americans and the Brits were all pro-Hitler, or at least indifferent until they realized that the Nazi were intent on doing more than ethnic housekeeping in their own territories. If I recall correctly, the Ford family (as in the cars) were Nazi sympathizers.

    Also if I Remember correctly, Edward was rumored to be sexually dysfunctional. The reason he fell so much in love with Wallis was because she had vast sexual experience, and could accommodate Eddie’s tastes, and compensate for his issues.

  20. Sebastian is absolutely right in all his comments about this. In fact, the British Royal Family only changed their original name of “Battenberg” to the English translation “Mountbatten” because the former sounded too German.

  21. All very interesting! Seems like there is actually NO “royalty” left in the real world, huh, Sebastian? You should start your own column!

  22. Canada, take your last paragraph and substitute Angelina and Brad for Eddie and Wallis.

  23. Some rewriting of history it seems, North Americans weren’t Pro-Hitler but many were anti-war. If the Japs had not bombed Pearl Harbor it might have been difficult for USA to actually send troops to Europe. Hitler was evil and his atrocities are only eclipsed in number by Stalin and Mao.

  24. Everyone forgets that Stephanie was driving the car when her mother was killed? She and her mother were arguing. They covered up the story and said Grace was driving,

  25. I think she looks rather regal…and also a bit defiant (puff, puff). I’m reminded of her glamorous and beautiful mother…who was just taken too soon.

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