We were a bit turned off by Howard Stern’s tirade on his Sirius radio show because someone had leaked that he had taken a pay cut. Apparently he lambasted the deal-makers at Sirius. (We heard this second hand because we don’t subscribe to Sirius.) Anyway, Howard was apoplectic at the idea of people thinking he accepted LESS than his contract five years ago (before the recession) for 500 million dollars. Analysts at The Hollywood Reporter say Howard with take home the same paycheck but lose the stock portion of his compensation, resulting in a salary of about 400 million for the next five years. Of course he might work less than his current four days a week – sure to upset his fans. Somehow we liked the OLD Howard better – when we could afford to listen to him and his income hadn’t moved into the stratosphere.


  1. Howard who? Is he really still relevant? I have never listened to his radio show but he definately has a face for radio. Yikes!!

    From what I’ve seen of him on TV appearances he is a Raunchy, Chauvanist Pig with no cooth. Oh wait, maybe that was Chelsea Handler, oops my mistake.

  2. I’d pay him five bucks to shut up! It’s about the closest I’d ever get to having anything to do with him…talk about juvinile and overrated…when does he graduate 7th grade and quit talking about farts and tits?

  3. The Sirius show is unlistenable. I used to like Stern in the 90s but the show went downhill after Jackie left. I tried out the Sirius show for a year but it was horrible. I listen to the Adam Carolla podcast now but downloading it is a hassle. If they put Carolla on Sirius, I would subscribe again.

  4. You probably don’t remember this Janet, but when we worked the red carpet at the Oscars in the late ’80s, Howard was right there w/ us — trying to interview stars going into the Shrine. Jamie Lee Curtis walked in and Howard jumped out at her (I remember that he looked like Big Bird) and said, “Hi Jamie Lee!” She looked at him and said “Hi! Who are you?”
    Ah, the good old days when Howard wasn’t full of himself… 🙂

  5. Would it be great if someone got one of his daughters to do the things he does to other people daughters?

  6. Stern made a big mistake by going from mainstream radio to Satellite. His pop culture relevance has faded fast ever since. And it obviously hasn’t done his earning power any good either.

    Oprah, are you watching this?

  7. The power of Howard Stern and his fans took a little 600,000 subscriber company like Sirius and in 3 years grew it beyond the former powerhouse XM and MADE XM merge with Sirius. Now 5 years and $500 mil later he renews for $400 Mill. Do you think they pay him because he has no cultural relevance? Because he does fart jokes? Because he gets porn stars naked? No. Because he is one of the greatest communicaters in broadcast history. Those who throw out these immature or masochistic claims against him have never heard how Howard talks about his wife, daughters, friends…how he calls out homophobes, racists and bigots. Where else can we hear about George Takei’s bath house pickups in the 70s?!

  8. Hey, good to see Janet in the mix. She probably sits back and chuckles at some of the trash talk done here. What good entertainment it would be. Have a bunch of armchair gossip professors comment on your posts!! Good fun..

  9. Kessler, it is no secret that Stern’s power has slipped. He is having trouble getting the sort of A and B-list guests he once had on his original show because he does not have the number of listeners and is not considered to occupy the same space he once did.

    I remember in the late 90’s everyone would be talking about Stern’s show, it was the #1 or #2 topic for water cooler discussions. Now one rarely hears him mentioned.

    The “greatest broadcaster” comment seems extreme, but I will give Stern this: He is a smart guy, and, when I listened to his show, it was obvious he was not just some talk show host pandering to his listeners — he had a serious, intelligent and progressive agenda.

  10. Old broad is right, Stern hasnt been funny since Jackie left the show. His jokes are crap because he will hire anyone to write jokes for him, whether they are funny or not. He still is paid for a mediocre product.

  11. Muffin top!! Get over yourself. You are like the guy who goes to the strip club and then comments on the exploitation of women, etc.

    If you have such lofty ideals, find something meaningful to do — get out of your armchair — and leave the rest of us to have a laugh and grumble.

  12. Who in the living hell would think George Takei’s bath house pickups way back in the 70s have any interest to anybody alive today? Isn’t it about time everybody figured out that there are gay people on the planet and they aren’t going away? I no more find what GT did sexually then or now interesting, than I do Sebastian’s or Janet’s. Hey, it’s just not interesting.

    Stern is an oversized, never matured 7th grader, who still talks about all the things boys that age obscess about. If you don’t believe me, ask some guys what they were like at that age. I’ll bet the guys on THIS site can back me up. When males first start discovering their sexuality, that’s all they can think about. This is Howard’s gig and it’s rather boring and old at this point. How many times can you hear that shit before you turn him permanently OFF? I have seen him many times on talk shows and he brings the same sctick each time…BORING!

  13. My my my.

    What responsible “journalism.”

    You didn’t hear the shows this week so you have no idea what was actually said, but you go ahead and print a bunch of bullsh!t as if it were the truth.

    You haven’t been relevant since Joan Rivers’ WGN talk show and her weekly gossip segment was cancelled (ironically, the same show that introduced me to Howard Stern) — and now you’ve exposed yourself as an unreliable harpy.

  14. Muffin top and Hope, what the hell is your point?

    Most of us come here for a laugh. Everyone has a right to choose if and how they will opt into or out of pop culture. I for example never go to the movie theatre, because I disrespect most film actors, and the people in the business end of the film industry. And I am the opposite of the industries ideal film goer, so few movies appeal to me. On the other hand, I am a music fan for the time being (if at some point, the industry does something to turn me off, I shall retreat to classical music, and finish with pop).

    Why be so smug, when you are obviously on the internet surfing for gossip sites yourselves? Surely you could make better use of your time. Such sophisticated high brows as yourselves are obligated to do something better, after all.

  15. SebastianCanada you ever hear that old saying?… Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    Suck it S&$#@d!!!!!

  16. ROTFLMAO!!!! Really? You have no idea whether or not these rumors and speculation about these people are true. I’m sure with your high sense of morality, you have no friends.

    I guess this is why you sit on here and fantasized about women and at the same time loathe them with your comments here. LOL.

  17. If you don’t listen to the show on Sirius, you don’t know what is actually going on. The show is about relationships between the cast…sort of you sitting around with your favorite group of friends who all have interesting opinions and who are all a little off in a fun way. We listen because its a show about personalities, not celebrity interviews. We listen for Howard’s unaltered take on things. But if you like celebs, the past month they had Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Z and Billy Joel, who sat at a piano and played bits of his songs and described how he wrote them. Not bad at all…

  18. Kessler, you have done a great job trying to explain what really goes on the Stern show. I am a 42 year old female long time Stern fan and I really can’t believe all the hate that just the mention of Howard bring up in people. His show is the last bastion of FREE SPEECH where relationships, politics, sexuality and everything else is brought up and analyzed. long live the king

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