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Prince debuted some new footwear during his performance at Coachella. Usually he wears pointy high heel boots that he has custom made in a color to match every outfit. His new look is a more comfortable round toe platform boot with what appears to be a high lucite wedge. It still gives him that much needed extra four or five inches of height.

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  1. Lovely bunch you have in today, Janet. Can’t you or your computer boy ban some of these homophobic cretins?

  2. Can we chill with the “faggot’ word! I mean, why stop there, he is black, why not use the N word you ignorant trash!?
    I know it makes you losers feel better to call someone names like that to make you feel better about your pathetic life but how about you put down the meth, turn off your tv, leave your trailer and get and education.
    I hope you’re not breeding passing on those ignorant genes.

  3. I don’t live in a trailer.I am not ignorant trash. I don’t have a pathetic life. I don’t call people niggers, use meth but he is a faggot..(effeminate man) and is hypocritical of others according to his ‘cough’ religious moral code.. which forbids a lot of what he does, but is only bad if others do it.

  4. Janet! Time to have registration/log in!! Your site has become a haven for trolls.
    Otherwise…Prince is amazing he and Madonna make 50 look fabulous!

  5. Janet you are losing readers because of these nasty comments. Control it now or I am outta here too. It’s getting very offensive.

  6. those heels are only 2.5″ high at most. anyone can tell.

  7. Janet, if you do soon require a registration/log-in, I beg you not to do this. If we have to give our e-mail and whatever else, many will leave. With all the hackers and fools out there, I for one will not give my e-mail address and I care not if I am called names for writing this.

  8. Agree with Anon of 11:53 AM. I think they prefer to be called ‘gay’, ‘fairy, ‘homosexual’, ‘queer’, not sure which. Don’t know what the two fags, Prince and Cruise prefer.

  9. Prince’s top is by Tory Burch. I almost bought it in blue at Neiman Marcus last week but it was a bit too Mimi for me, but I guess not for Prince. What a cute princess!

  10. Re: 1st comment.
    Prince doesnt have to be popular to be relevant, he is a living legend. If Prince never picks up a guitar again in his life, he still has accomplished more than most.
    I would LOVE to see Prince in concert!

  11. In time past, he lived with Kim Basinger. Wow! Guess he does have IT !!!

  12. IS IT A COINCIDENCE little tommy cruise IS ABOUT THE SAME SIZE?

  13. re” the comment posted by “a tough homo”
    You object to the F word but you advocate using the N word as a slur against one of the most accomplished musicians of our times?

  14. Why is he a living legend? because he can play more than one instrument? many people can do that. Because he is sexy? uhhh no..because he is smart? uhh no..does he ever speak at all? Because he puts on a good live show? ok maybe and that’s cool but living legend? that’s more than a little absurd.You people have bought all this hype that he has created just be acting weird and obscure and he is pretty LOL funny to me.

  15. You wrote many people can play more than one instrument.
    Name em.
    Can you name another entertainer who is still around that has accomplished even 1/2 of what Prince has?
    You do not have to be a fan of Prince or his music to appreciate the FACT that as a entertainer, he is singularly accomplished.
    Yes, he does indeed play more that one instrument, most pop stars today can not play one musical instrument.
    Prince also writes and composes his own music and he has written a dozen hits for other singers including Chaka Khan and Sinead O’Conner.
    Most pop stars and entertainers sing songs other folks have written for them.
    Prince sings- most pop stars today could not carry a note in a handbag.
    Princes dances, in high heeled shoes!
    I can’t even walk in high heeled shoes, let alone dance in ’em!
    Prince is a well rounded, high accomplished entertainer.
    Prince is in a league of his own at this point, there is no one out there doing what he does and there hasnt been for some time.
    He does NOT have to talk, his music and his accomplishments speak for him.
    Actually, a lot more of today’s so called stars could use Prince;s public persona as an example and shut the hell up once in awhile.
    As I wrote earlier, if Prince decides today to never pick of a guitar again, he has accomplished more than most people ever will in his field.
    If you can think of anyone else who has accomplished as much as Prince has or has half the talent he possesses, please name that individual.

  16. ok, how about Elton John, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed. Please.. you are a neophyte.

  17. ANon1, you’re unnecessarily rude and you are being deliberately obtuse.
    One does not need put down an accomplished artist (Prince) in order to elevate your own idol (Paul McCartney).
    You asked a moronic question
    “why is Prince a living legend” and I answered at length.
    You chose to respond (rudely) with flippant one liners sprinkled with snark.
    You do NOT have to be a Prince fan or appreciate his music to recognize his place in pop culture.
    I wrote Prince is a well rounded, accomplished entertainer.
    Nothing you wrote in response contradicts my opinion, your lame responses only confirm my opinion as fact.
    3.composes and writes his own music
    4. plays several musical instruments.
    can you do any of these things?
    Of the entertainers you have mentioned, not one dances during their performances.
    Does this mean Stevie Wonder and Elton John are less worthy of adulation or respect for their achievement?
    But don’t ask a moronic question “why is Prince a musical legend?” when it is more than obvious just what contributions Prince has offered during his 40 year musical career!

  18. He is so teensy-weensy. Light as feather on his feet, uh…I mean his wedge lifts. tee hee

  19. He is so teensy-weensy. Light as feather on his feet, uh…I mean his wedge lifts. tee hee

  20. He is so teensy-weensy. Light as feather on his feet, uh…I mean his wedge lifts. tee hee

  21. Jana and he is more man than you can ever hope to handle in your entire pathetic, tiny, litle non-existence!

  22. Yes, his purple highness still doth reign. Prince and ‘Purple Rain’….rock on. An ongoing living legend. Gotta hand it to him.

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