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Here’s Paula Abdul looking chipper at LAX. We amazed at how dressed up she is to fly. Definitely not comfortable Skin tight jeans and those super high satin heels! Of course, she DOES have an image to live up to!

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  1. Okay, her top and shoes are pretty, but she is wearing JEANS – she is not dressed-up.
    I am sick of people walking around sloppy. Remember how stars used to be? Dressed-up and not walking around like sloppy Meg Ryan, etc?

  2. ever notice how most people dress like slobs when they fly?

  3. I think she looks lovely…I also think I may be developing a foot fetish…

  4. Could she be going to meet Corey Clark? Wasn’t that the spade who was boning her on AI a year or so back?

  5. In a busy airport like LAX in those super-high shoes is totally ridiculous. Is she trying (as always) to catch some man’s eye. She should consider comfort at least at the airport (think Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopi Goldberg)….would they ever wear these shoes, esp. at LAX.

  6. her fit looks strange. however i just want to say, her body is really hot and sexy. i ever saw her sexy videos on which is a dating site for interracial singles. so sexy that i can’t help loving her.

  7. Paula looks like an adorable little DOLL. such cute clothes

  8. shes very classy. love her. and hey, simon said on live TV shes a good kisser and he wants to kiss her again. no wonder she looks happy.

  9. those are giuseppe zanotti heels retail for 600 and I love them, who wants to buy my baby so I can get a few pairs. 🙂

  10. What’s wrong with wearing pretty shoes? Women are messy nowadays.

  11. Lookin’ fabulous, you can’t find anything nice to say about the right people and you trash the wrong people.

  12. she looks Gorgeous. i have to say though about her.. she used to look a bit exotic a couple of years ago. but nowadays she is looking Very caucasian. especially her legs are Very white. i assume the exotic look (season 5) wasnt all that natural hehe

  13. sooo pretty. love her, i watch idol mainly because of her. simon is ok too, but Paula, she has IT (yes, the contestants and the singing bore me)

  14. Those heels do make her look sexy, wonder if she hooking up with guys on flights in lavatory.
    When was the last time paparazzi followed her on some of those flights. One never knows what there missing…
    Most women want that plain ole boring sex on a couch or in a bed…
    Why else is she wear those heels? She needs the elevation as some guys have some long legs!!

  15. Ladies you better be getting it while you can and your looks hold out, cause once you fall out of favor…
    Well, lets say – you’ll have to start paying dudes. Or you can probably go pick up a soldier at the near by base… there easy!

  16. Lets hope she’s gettin out getting something, cause in five years or so, age is really going to catch up with her.
    Atleast, she’s probably physically fit…Unlike most women who have huge hips and buns and thighs.
    You know, I’ve read somewhere women in Britian were traveling to South Africa to have sex with young men.
    You’d think they’d wise up and just go to there nearest military installation… Avoid VFW and American Legions, this is where young ladies frequent.

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