Since we wrote about the gay undertones in 3:10 to Yuma, Ben Foster has had plenty of people asking him about his character – a fey, dandified psychotic cowboy with a massive crush on Russell Crowe’s character. Ben’s was the best dressed character in the movie. In fact, he’s been answering so many gay questions that he felt compelled to tell OUT magazine that he is not gay. But he did it in a tasteful and almost flirty way so he wasn’t the least bit offensive. Obviously Ben, 26, likes having gay fans and he doesn’t mind playing gay characters.

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  1. He’s not gay… Straight guys stand around with their hands in their pockets like that. If he was gay he’d be leaning against something in a melodramatic way.
    Besides look at that sloppy looking jacket – I’ll be it says “Members Only”.

  2. i wish that all the stars that are pretending to be straight would come out, but unfortunately until attitudes change it would be career suicide for them to do so. i commend people like elton john and sir ian , and ellen degneres for having the guts to come out, and thankfully their careers were not negatively impacted.

  3. Why is it so important to know some movie stars sexual preference? It’s not like they know military secrets.
    That’d be Career Suicide to tell the public.
    Because once they come out of the closet and say their gay, they start acting like the world is against them, it’s their crutch to lean on.
    We in the South (Bible Belt) really don’t care what goes on behind closed doors, as when we see people in the movies, so long as they play their character roles convincingly. We’ll never question if a person is Gay. Just don’t go on national TV and come out convince our kids it’s ok to be gay, because it’s not.
    Play your parts and get paid, then keep your personal lives to yourself.
    Elton John doesn’t sing about his sexual preference in his songs, but apparently Ellen career was in decline and she was desperate to do something.
    Say isn’t Rosie gay, too.
    If those gals were smart they ought to go to the UK and find themselves a man!
    But, I don’t think those guys are that desperate for a fat pig. But, one never knows.
    Heck, they just might be able to find one in the remotely rural panhandle of Florida.

  4. Ellen isn’t fat, which probably is why Rosie is. Depressed.
    She needs to get on a diet and lose about 100 pounds, then go to the UK to find a man.
    They’ll never be happy until the do. Homosexuals have a very high suicide rate.
    So how is Ellen’s career. Don’t know and don’t care either.
    Sure are a lot of guys going to Russia, South America and the Far East to find a wife.
    Janet why don’t you ask some of your men friends if they know why guys are going abroad to find a woman.
    Ironically few go to the UK to find a wife, watch some of those british TV shows. Loud and bossy… Who wants something like that…

  5. ^^^^Your “We in the South (Bible Belt)”
    identifier wasn’t really neccessary…
    Your comments alone more than suffice in proving you to be the ignorant, backward and bigoted creature you are.
    Could this be a function of too much inbreeding in your bloodline?
    In any case, you and your kind are a scourge on this great country. It can be no accident that so very many of you are concentrated in the south.
    Birds of a feather, and all that.
    Fortunately, in many cases such as yours, something unforeseen–like inoperable cancer–usually is more than enough to give your kind something to focus on and pray about.
    The lives of others will then be of little importance to you.
    Will it ever occur to you that your disease was really just all that hatred you’ve been carrying around during your pathetic and wretched life–that’s finally taking over?

  6. This sucker is a CHEATER, FUCKING LIAR, BIG FAGGOT and an ASSHOLE at the same time. This nobody hasn’t any gut’s in his body and betray’s everyone. This loser is simply to weak to choose a party!! He wants to have a girl for the outside world and a fucking FAGGOT to loose his sperm in. Such faking celebs are expected to entertain AMERICA. Well Sucker, NOT AS LONG AS I’M AROUND!!!!!!!

  7. Completely ruined a very good movie.. I wish all the worst for him and Russell.

  8. um, what are you talking about ?
    …”well, sucker , not as long as i’m around!”……………


  10. Why do you think GOD created AIDS (their inoperable cancer).
    “Fortunately, in many cases such as yours, something unforeseen–like inoperable cancer–usually is more than enough to give your kind something to focus on and pray about.”

  11. I don’t hate people who are gay.
    They just shouldn’t be given a national podium to encourage it.
    Why did Janet even bother mention it here on her website, which all it seems to do is lower everybody standards to engage in discussion about a persons preferences, which here inlays a character flaw.
    Why do guys have anal sex with one another, when there are so many available women about ?

  12. Course, GOD creates alot of things which are bad for the soul. It’s up to the individual to steer clear of those things.
    Look at all the celebrities who are dumb enough to take illegal drugs or get hooked on drinking.
    Personal choice is what it’s all about and holding oneself accountable for what they do.
    Maybe someday there really will come a huge earthquake and parts of LA will fall into the ocean taking with it all those people who are lacking in good moral judgment.
    Ask yourself this one simple question. Why do some Hollywood couples stay together forever and some just can’t get it together.
    Those that can’t seem to get it together should ask a few of those that do have it together, what’s there secret.
    I’ll bet a goodly number will say – they don’t drink and are focused on their careers as they deem it a profession not just a job.

  13. you never answered my question, mr . “well, sucker, not as long as i’m around.”
    my question was, what are you talking about? your post makes absolutely no sense.

  14. I though he was the gay kid from “High School Musical.” You know, Sharpay’s brother, the baseball player.
    This is the guy that was so hilarious on “My Name is Earl’s” season opener
    Wow, I think Gerard V just outed him!

  15. If you read many of the comments on here, Gerard tries to “out” everyone. Bitter party of one (Gerard)?
    As far as the Bible Belter, “encourage homosexuality?” That’s the old laughable “recruiting myth” that’s circulated for years. Go educate yourself before posting drivel like that.

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