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America’s Next Top Model made Nigel Barker famous, but it was three seasons into the show before we realized he wasn’t gay. It just seemed like a given – he was so handsome and artistic and sensitive and well spoken. We were WRONG, and surprised to learn he’s married to another model, Cristen Chin, and the father of Jack , with another baby on the way. So much for OUR gaydar.

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  1. No hes not gay. Yes hes married to one of twin models. Gorgeous couple. But hey hes sitting near that other raging queen Jay Alexander i see how the mistake could be made.

  2. My gaydar is broken too.
    I just can’t tell unless the person is a raging queen.
    Barker is attractive, hetero or not.

  3. Its a British thing. Basically British men appear gay even when they are not.

  4. ^^^
    I concur.
    Typically, British males (especially of the “upper class”) have been buggered so relentlessly and have sucked so much rank cock, that by age 16, they are only to eager to pass into the heterosexual arena, where they largely remain, for their adult lives.

  5. Who is this no name? Some reaity tv nobody. Who cares?

  6. But his real private life is still unknown!!

  7. Marriage & baby or not; this guy is cashing a $9 bill in threes (aka GAY)

  8. So only sophisticated, well groomed, articulate, artistic and sensitive men can be gay? Isn’t this a form of sterotyping, the kind gay people hate?

  9. Where is his hair; I can’t help it; hair is verrry important. As for him being gay: I think his marriage is a cover-up and he meets faggots in restrooms and parks. Most male models and fashion designers are queer. It’s the down-low thing, sneaking around, so exciting . jmo.

  10. Since when does a man being married automatically mean that he is not gay?

  11. I also think that most male models are gay, I am waiting for Halle Berry’s baby daddy model Gabriel Aubry’s male lover to step forward.LOL

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