It was heavily publicized that American Idol David Cook was a bartender before he won the title. Recently there was some kind of publicity event at The Rainbow on Sunset Strip and David made a special guest appearance, working the bar for a few hours. Oddly enough, when customers ordered drinks David didn’t know how to make them! He didn’t know the ingredients in a screw driver and a staffer had to tell him! In fact the staffer ended up making almost all the drinks because it was easier than telling David how to do it. Service was incredibly SLOW and everyone found it hard to believe David was ever a bartender. Maybe he worked in a beer bar.

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  1. I think he did say that he worked in a beer bar. He knows beer and he knows Jaeger Bombs, which kind of go along with a beer bar atmosphere. In another interview (hopefully before the day he played “bartender” this time) he admitted that he didn’t know how to make anything. It’s obvious to me he was focused more on his music. 🙂

  2. LOL David. Thank goodness we put him in music full-time now.

  3. Yeah, in an interview for Regis and Kelly David admitted that he mainly served beer. He lived in Tulsa, not in LA, I don’t think he was a very saavy bartender, but he still got a paycheck, and that’s what it was for.

  4. Janet is right on the money! I’m from Tulsa, Ok and the bar David worked at is basically a beer bar.

  5. The only bar David worked in was a faggot bar. As a male prostitute. That’s all folks!!!

  6. gerard, only f’n idiots make a comment like you did.

  7. He said a couple of times on the show that he mainly only poured beer. And only real men cry.

  8. HE worked as a bartender and also performed at the same bar. probably concentrated on the music, and it paid off. gerard’s wishful thinking , so he can have a shot at David C.Sorry dumbass, he’s straight.

  9. Six observations: I don’t like the facial hair. He looks like a beer bartender. His voice is not that great. He will not sell a zillion records. He does not have the best personality to sell himself. The gay community is already taking an interest. (And I am unanimous in that).

  10. Why wouldn’t the gay community take interest in this hottie? Men and women alike are into him (though for all accounts so far, he’s straight). Mark my words, he’s going to outsell Chris Daughtry. He’s got the voice, the looks, the charisma, the brains, the experience, the writing talent, AND the savvy to handle much worse than the BS some of you are throwing at him.

  11. A customer at the bar where Cook used to work said on one of his Idol intro packages that he was a better singer than bartender, so good thing this Idol gig worked out for him.

  12. He is no Chris Daughtry. Not by a long stretch. Describe David Cook in one word? OVER-RATED.

  13. sorry but if you’ve worked in any kinda bar you know more drinks than beer and the “basics”. sound’s like to me that he just wanted to be known as the “every day working man kinda guy”.

  14. I love Chris Daughtry and I hate to say it but all his songs sound alike. I don’t think he has the musical versatility that David Cook has and he’ just not as cute.

  15. I love Chris Daughtry but I have to say that all the songs on his album sound alike. I don’t think he has the musical versatility that David Cook has and he’s just not as cute. I just love Cook’s green eyes and messy hair…

  16. I like Daughtry and he has proven himself with his first album.I like David Cook better, I think he has the potential to be the best AI winner but we’ll have to wait and see how his debut album turns out. By the way, he is not over-rated as his itunes sales proved. David Cook Rocks!!

  17. Mrs.Pinkney, either your writitng about the other David or you’ve just gone blind and deaf from having your head up your ass 24/7.

  18. >
    Actually, I think that’s what the AI-PTB wanted everyone to think. David’s been making what money he could with his music for almost 10 years. Any tending of bars or anything else was definitely secondary.

  19. I am 12:05 PM, Mrs.Pinkney…….ha ha. I punked some of you. I could care less one way or another about David Cook. He seems like a nice enough boy, except for dating that ho Kimberly from a past season of Idol. (still don’t like the facial hair) (but if he makes it in the tough music biz, good for him). Punked to 5:54 PM.
    Signed: Mrs. Pinkney

  20. David Cook is alright. His fans are in an uproar though, about him dated Kim Caldwell. The American Idol fans are insane. If you want to hear some batchit KRA-ZAY stories about AI fans, come on over to

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