Teresa Giudice’s worst nightmare has come true. The infamous table-flipping star of Real Housewives of New Jersey was NOT happy when her sister in law was asked to join the cast (in fact Teresa threatened to quit, but didn’t.) Melissa Gorga is married to Teresa’s brother Joe, and the flashy women, who are described as “two of a kind,” have always been at odds. Teresa was the best-known “Housewife” until Melissa came on like gangbusters. Melissa’s incredible ego, acquisitiveness, and vanity, not to mention her sex-starved husband Joe, are stealing the show. The Gorgas’ antics even eclipsed the Giudice’s financial woes. (Above, Teresa on the left and Melissa, right)



  1. I’d slit my wrists in a minute if I had to listen to one of those.

  2. I am a fan of the show but I am not sure how the show will be without the “prostitution whore” Danielle. She really spiced up the show. I wonder if it will ever come out that Daniell’s youngest daughter is actually Theresa’s husbands child.

    Who is going to do all the cat fighting? Oh yeah the sister in law and Theresa. The sister in law looks a little long in the tooth so to speak. My guess is Theresa is jealous of her and feels that the sister in law is hotter than her.

  3. They are nothing alike looks wise. One is not hard on the eye, and the other… well she has a face that only a mother could love.

    I saw an episode of this once, and it was where she was trying to get her daughter into modelling. LOL. Generally I find Italian people lucky in the looks department, where this one got whacked with every branch of the ugly tree.

  4. There is something strange about marrying a woman who looks so much like your own sister….gross

  5. Why is the husband starving for sex? why doesnt the women not give their husband sex ESP if their husband is spoiling them. Theresa looks better the other girl has a bananna looking head.

  6. I wonder if Theresa’s breast implants will be demanded handed over to the auctioneer’s in her bankruptcy sale? It’s a cinch most of her furniture will not be sold because it is so gaudy and over the top no one will want it but her. They’ll cart it all out on her front lawn and when the last gavel goes down they’ll have to cart it all back inside because it is about as classy as she is (NOT). Same thing with the sister-in-law. Over dressed while being nearly naked. The husband (brother of the other) constantly trying to jump/hump her while she backs away and slaps him off and practically tells him she’ll phone it in later.

    Andy Cohen of Bravo TV did a poll on who was more attractive and Theresa (left) won. I wonder how the wife of her brother Joe felt over that, knowing she isn’t as pretty as her sister-in-law when they are so obviously in compitition. Strange dynamic there and very interesting to watch.
    The baby’s Christening is a classic and you can probably watch it online at Bravo Tv. You won’t believe your eyes. I didn’t!

  7. The question is: Who with brains even cares scary skanks

  8. I don’t think that Melissa and Joe are stealing the attention. They are really hard to watch. Melissa and Joe are heading down the same financial path as Joe and Teresa. NJ is one of the most expensive states to live in. There property taxes alone have to out of control.

  9. I’m one of the few on earth that does not have cable TV, so therefore thankfully have never watched it. I Have 23 channels coming in free, so why pay for cable and wait for the cable man to come and see monthly rates rise.

  10. reta you have said repeatedly that you do not watch reality tv. but you are all in this show and what andy cohen has done at bravo.

    your lying is everliving!

  11. Its all dirty money=mafia. The so called “construction” and “my husband is a builder” is a crock of sh-t. Not in this economy.

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