There’s a new couple in Malibu and they don’t want you to know about it! Pam Anderson has been hanging with Rick Solomon – yes, Paris Hilton’s partner in the sex video. Rick supposedly made millions from the One Night in Paris video – could he be talking Pam into costarring in his next effort? Regardless of that , Rick and Pam certainly have kids in common – they’re seen all over Malibu, on and off the beach, together with their little ones. This relationship has been cooking for weeks, and Pam is quick to claim they’re just friends. But neither of them seems to be interested in dating anyone else, and Rick’s friends never see him any more.

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  2. A couple of petri dishes filled with STDs hookup.
    Ain’t love grand?!?!?

  3. used goods.
    everyone has had each other in that industry, its disgusting.
    but the dude does have a nice looking penis.

  4. Why are you morons so surprised? Pam has ALWAYS been attracted to losers. That’s because she’s a loser herself and likes to be treated like crap. Skanks usually do.

  5. Pam get it together girl. You always attract these gutter trash boys. You are not 20 anymore, grow up and get a respectable man for your children’s sake! And being a Vegas show-girl is very hookerish.

  6. Pam is a prostitute, what do you expect. How did she make all her millions? Selling her naked body for money. And before anybody writes “oh you’re just jealous”, please. Just look at her tired face and cartoonish fake boobs. Who would be jealous of that?
    It’s good Kid Rock dumped her whore ass.

  7. well both are charting in familiar territory, they both have porn tapes out. the prostitute leading the hooker.

  8. Whoa! Pam is looking pretty rough. What a shame, she used to be so pretty before all the ps.

  9. Doesn’t Solomon have a very large dick like Tommy Lee? That could be the attraction.
    And what is this about Rick having kids? Who in the world would have kids with that guy?

  10. Dayum! Pam looks like someone beat her about the face with an AARP stick! Dayum!

  11. Dayum! Pam looks like someone hit her in the face with an AARP stick! Dayum!

  12. I think Rick Solomon has been beating her face with his big shlong.

  13. He has two kids already with singer-actress E.G. Daily. Run a pic of her, Janet, I dare you!

  14. E.G. Daily, I’m so shocked, she’s like 4′ tall. I thought his x was a model. Paris was definitely a step way up for this guy.

  15. Yes Janet…run a pic of E.G.
    Daily….Rick makes cute babies…I checked out E.G. on one of the photo agencies..and she is in some pics with her girls….very cute….

  16. Looks like Rick has had some work himself….he must have been going to the Hair Doctor…because he is bald…lost his hair years ago….notice you never see him without a hat…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. Rick might have lost some of his hair,,, but there is one BIG THING he’ll never lose.

  18. Yes,,I think i see what your talking about,,,what a ,large, thick, head of hair,,,,,hmmmmmmmm

  19. Looks like his,,, hair is about,,,,hmmm,,,ten inches long,,,and thick,,,very thick.

  20. Hey.I think he used to be married to Shannen Doherty from beverly hills 90210,,before he hooked up with Paris Hilton,,and now,,, Pam.,,Boy if you have at least 10 inch long,,super thick hair in hollywood those girls really pass you around.

  21. Yes,,, what a very nice looking head of long and thick hair he has.He must be proud. It has got be hard to run your fingers thru it or get your hands around a mans hair ,,,,when it’s that extra thick.But if anyone can do it,,,it’s our Pammy. Pam looks like she could use a cat nap,,, like,, she’s been kept up all night. We love her. She’s very lucky and cute.

  22. Pam looks like she’s been partying too much, having too much sex with too many partners. She’s got a face only Tommy Lee could love.

  23. She is so skanky. I can’t believe anyone would want to risk trading body fluids with her.

  24. It’s not a stretch to say that Rick has some of thickest hair in Hollywood. Rivaled only by TommyLee who has some extremely long hair. Lucky Pam.

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