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Her fans feel that model Crystal Renn has betrayed them. In 2009 she wrote a book called “Hungry” about her journey from an anorexic young model to a much happier plus-size model and how she learned to embrace her curves. She made a big name for herself as a plus size model, (top photo) but now she’s lost weight again. She was recently signed as the body of the Agent Provocateur lingerie line. Crystal insists she simply has a healthier lifestyle now and no longer starves herself.

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  1. I loved the book “Hungry.” The top photo shows Renn at her very biggest, when she said she went up to a size 16, eating whatever she wanted. At the end of “Hungry,” she was a normal size 12 (my size),a newlywed and looked fantastic. To look the way she’s looking now tells me she is on a lowest carb diet around and is working out like crazy. Life is just too short for that! 🙂

  2. I was looking at photos from some recent Fashion Week show and realized that I was trying to picture the outfits on slightly more voluptuous frames in order to decide if I liked them. I’ve seen many outfits that look worse on models than non-models. It depends what type of model. Some are gorgeous and shapely (still very slim), but most are just unattractive clothes hangers. I’m not into plus size as a role model, but the recent Crystal above falls into the unattractive clothes hanger category. I find it hard to believe that a person can go from the extremes of the first photo to the second on a healthy diet. The skinny one looks too skinny. Where’s the loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat? I gained (and then lost) 25 pounds once and didn’t not get a replica of my original body back. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. She looks terrific! A huge improvent and an inspiration to our grotesquely overweight population!

  4. Crystal Renn looks much better as a thin woman. Her amazing editorial looks were not meant to be wasted on the plus size industry! She was aiming much higher than Lane Bryant ads and the occasional Torrid-type of gig. Yes she had many plus-size clients but the woman has transformed herself into one of the most versatile and marketable models working! Her health, portfolio and net worth are surely NOT hurting from her weight loss. God bless her. She doesn’t owe the fat girls anything!

  5. I don’t know why anyone would be happy being fat, and this is not to be critical. The heart has to work much harder and your overall health is at risk. I lost 17 pounds by the hardest a few years ago and will never gain it back, in fact am now two pounds over. Picture a two pound pkg of ground beef and that gives you an incentive (lol). Something can always be done to lose it, starting with push-ups, (up and away from the feeding trough). 🙂

  6. every model looks the same nowaday’s.

    why did she change it?

  7. What’s the matter CoCo, don’t you hike your leg up like that when wearing a dress and heels, or in lingerie? LOL.

    They are silly poses. As long as she’s healthy, but with a history of anorexia, she should be careful.

  8. The sad part about losing weight is that your boobies shrink. If I lost 20lbs I would go from a c cup to an A cup and that really sucks.

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