Uh-oh! Looks like someone besides Sylvester Stallone has been gobbling Human Growth Hormones – or SOME kind of questionable supplements. Mickey Rourke, 51, plays a flamboyant aging wrestler in his new movie called “The Wrestler.” His blonde character, called Randy “The Ram” Robinson, is loosely based on Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. Ironically the role was originally intended for Nicolas Cage.

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  1. ANYTHING that will divert attention from his ruined face should be considered an improvement.

  2. Mickey’s an amazing actor who always takes his work to another realm of wierdness.
    God forbid we actually dig an actor for their acting anymore.
    A week before Heath passed I was reading blogs making fun of his receding hairline, now the same blogs are worshiping him like he was James Dean. Clueless.

  3. What about a real-life-movie with nicolas cage: THE DIE OUT OF THE FAGGOTS!!

  4. His acting ended with too many punches to the head.
    DVD release.

  5. what a awful movie, like all his other flops including…9and 1/2 weeks.

  6. Hollywood …….. is a bunch of dumb ejaculates, and that includes the female gender too!

  7. money refunded for BOTCHED cosmetic procedures.
    terrible work, shameful!

  8. He is kinda strange…but by his own admission he had a hideous childhood. Mental and physical abuse by his parents. He said this; as to whether he was lying is anyone’s guess. He swore it was true. So, if it’s true, I feel sorry for him, yet do not care for any of his movies.

  9. This was the only role he could get when all of the porn industry kept turning him down.

  10. he was awesome in angel heart and the pope of greenwich village-a long time ago, i know,but the talent is still

  11. To give anonymous a**ho*es something to whine about? Man, I can’t believe how shallow this world is, that they look at someone & judge their talent & personality by looks. While he still looks good to me, I don’t see any of us posting some wonderful pic of ourselves. At least there are a few who recognize the talent.

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