Michael Jackson’s kids Paris, Prince, and Blanket took a break from school and spent the weekend at the Palms in Las Vegas where Uncle Jermaine was performing at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Jermaine’s sons Jaffar and Jermajesty and several bodyguards accompanied them. Paris and Prince are actually going to school for the first time in their lives and reportedly love it. Right now they both have security guards that follow them wherever they go on campus at the $30,000 a year Buckley school in Sherman Oaks. The family lawyer says they are adapting so well at Buckley that the guards may soon become unnecessary.


  1. I’m glad these children get to have some semblance of normalcy in their lives. I wish them well.

  2. Why don’t paparazzi leave these children alone and let them lead a semi-normal life???

  3. They are really good looking kids, hope they do well. Isn’t Blanket a silly nickname Michael gave him? Damn, please call him by his real name.

  4. glad grandma katherine have them and that she’s estranged from joe. she’ll never sign divorce papers though.

  5. Hate to say it, no disrespect to the dead, but I think those kids are better off with MJ not being around. They’re pre-teens no way in hell would they be walking around with veils on their faces and all the neurotic crazy ‘protective’ stuff he was doing.

  6. Muffin, a semi-normal life? That ship sailed a long time ago – freaky-crazy is all they can expect. A few paps snapping pixs is the least of those kids worries – they are like mosquitos buzzing around when you offered up as dinner to a school of sharks…if the sharks all have jerri-curl hair, manufactured button noses, and a desperate desire to tour as a group no one cares about.

  7. his adopted kids wear the name of “Jackso”.

  8. Denise, his real name is Prince II – not any less silly than blanket.

    The stupidity with which some black celebs name their children – uhm George Forman for example – makes one wish there was something like the truth in advertising laws RE naming a child. Wouldn’t it be better to name a child “Drunken Friday Night Fumble” than LaTanza or Crabapple?

    Just think, a kindergarten class full of kids named Condom Broke, Pulled Out Too Late, Last Ditch Attempt To Save Marriage, and Pressure From The Inlaws.

  9. We met them earlier in the year. We were visiting one of the sibs that my hubbie knows well and they were there. Nice, polite kids. They stared at my teenage son with this look of admiration in their eyes, it was funny and kinda cute.

  10. Michael Jackson’s kids, what a joke! He didnt father any of them for the simple reason he was castrated. Exactly. His “beloved” daddy used to kick him in the crotch since he was a little boy (hence his childish voice) and at a time he got his balls cut off. Strange, unbelievable but true.

  11. {The stupidity with which some black celebs name their children – uhm George Forman for example – makes one wish there was something like the truth in advertising laws RE naming a child.}

    umm, okay. people can name their children what they want. you have mentioned on here that you are not black, if my memory is correct, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    this reminds me of a story about a non-black female who would have so much difficulty in pronouncing a black child’s name that was say Renetta, LaShay, whatever. names full of vowels regardless of how they were spelled.

    low and behold, she could pronounce european names were vowels are not in present, and felt so, “cultured” in doing so! vowels in our country make words easier to pronounce.

    non-blacks should not conform to every damn rule, etc. that the majority wants. the majority had better get used to some things because the clock won’t be turning back!

  12. Well, you are right about one thing … the minority is now the majority hence rabid teabaggers.

  13. Funky, I did not mention that. If fact, by American – racist – standards, I would indeed be considered black.

    What is with the STFU – it is childish and does your arguments no good – its just fuels racists like Strom and Captain America.

    Now, I must say I was rash in my comment. Whites also give their children silly names, but, hey, I think I could argue that blacks started it.

    And please do not go on about cultural sensitivity. I am not condemning Afro-Americans for giving their children legitimate African names (some of my cousins have African middle-names), but those lazy people who do things lik stick a “sha” on the end of anything for a girl’s name because it sounds Africa. There are also those who pull nouns or product names out of the air as names for their child. Finesse Mitchell on SNL did a funny bit about this – uhm….”Finesse”!

    And let’s not get into black Americans who name their children Queen, Prince, King, Baron, thinking it will embue some sort of power. Excuse me for saying it but, WTF?

    funky, there is a certain amount of derision aimed at black America that comes from racist whites. However, there is also a great deal of criticism that comes from non-racist whites, and from black people from other cultures. Maybe if so many people are pointing out issues with the American black community, it would do well to ponder them, and not meet every comment with belligerance and hostility.

  14. And funky, maybe that woman did not so much have trouble pronouncing the names as not laughing while doing so.

  15. {Maybe if so many people are pointing out issues with the American black community, it would do well to ponder them, and not meet every comment with belligerance and hostility.}

    yes, because us tar babies have to rely on the kindness of whitey for validity. nope, the teacher was a racist bitch and, non-whites can name their kids whatever the hell they want. Canada is just as racist as America. you just like to think you are not.

    let’s make it a deal, you keep my name out of your posts, and i will do the same here! we shouldn’t interact. thanks!

  16. I agree with you funky RE racism and Canada, and I don’t deny that Black America…sorry…Black North America has suffered miserably, and still does so in many quarters. However, I fail to see how defending – and cheering on and supporting people like the Jacksons and O.J. Simpson, with all their craziness, is doing your cause any good.

    How does my comment have anything to do with tipping one’s cap or step ‘n fetchin’? Your reaction just demonstrates an unconstructive anger, one that gets in the way of Black America expressing itself effectively, or connecting with other diverse groups in the non-white community.

  17. My mouth is hanging wide open! I cannot BELIEVE the hostility of this “funky” poster. You COMPLETELY miss the point, and over and over! You are emotionally, racially, historically crippled by a lack of ability to absorb what you read and digest it without regurgitating back up all over the place with vile and unnessary hatred. I can’t begin to believe what you must have experienced while growing up that made you this way, and indeed, I feel sorry that you have no ability to understand your fellow human beings in all colors of the rainbow. How sad. Maybe if you seek help it won’t be too late.

    Sebastian, the more I read your dead-on comments, wheather you are being funny, or serious, you are nearly all the time dead-on and I have come to admire your wit and charactor. You’re quite a guy and do your country proud. I’ll bet, now that you have mentioned your race a bit, I can get a bit of a visual, and see you as a lovely human being. I have shaded you somewhat but it is your wit above all and efforts to teach and reach out to this racist person that truly touches me. Thank you.

  18. Funny, I wasn’t that interested in a story about Michael Jackson’s kids because I thought it would be boring. Wow, was I wrong. I don’t know where to start, so I just say what’s new? We can make race out of a glowing pile of steaming hot shit.

  19. lenny, indeed! i can’t wait for moderation, or at least delete all posts that are not related to the story. mine included and anyone else’s!

  20. Funky, funny how you can go on attack, but when someone seriously poses you an intelligent question you turn tail and run like a coward. Typical of the person who shouts down their opponent by screaming ever louder and faster!

  21. The kids have perfectly fine names, Michael Jr.(thats his real name not prince), Paris and Prince have normal names compared to some other celebrity kids names. I remember that a bulk of white celebrities named their kids some god awful names, like helicopter, tinkle sue and apple, and these are their actual legal names so go make a big deal about that. Also michaels maternal grandfathers name was indeed Prince, and he named his youngest(blanket) in honor of him, he didnt just pull the name out of his ass or to be obnoxious( prince as in royalty).

  22. Anyways his kids are gorgeous.Its nice to see them out and about enjoying life. To the person above who made the comment that they are better off without michael um WTF..no matter what that was their father…he raised them, loved them…the eloquent, graceful kids you saw at the memorial and vma’s was his doing, he raised them to be that way not katherine. Half of you ‘normal’ people dont know how to raise your own damn kids so stop passing judgment. You didnt live with them to know what kind of father he was so keep your opinions to yourself. you may view him as a freak and a nut job or whatever but thats only your one dementional opinion, you did not know that man personally nor did you know his family to make such a statement. I pity all of you who always feel the need to pity these kids, their upbringing and the future ahead of them. Im confident they will all grow up to do wonderful things and continue their fathers legacy. They are living their lives, they dont give a damn about any of you and they cetainly dont need your pity.

  23. Kane, thanks for your comments. They are spot on! Mike loved his children, and protected them the way he knew how. I don’t agree with covering their heads, but he did not care for paps taking pics of his children. He wanted the paps to respect the kids’ privacy.

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