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Rihanna made a live appearance at the London Topshop after five fans won a contest for a styling session with her. The singer selected outfits in the store for each of them. Afterward she dressed herself up in this unexpected combo of a tailored jacket, a “she died of perfection” t shirt, poufy ballerina skirt, and heels with white socks, and went shopping in London for HERSELF.


  1. She is a young girl, under 25 they can get away with dressing any way they please she is hot as hell even with that Ronald McDonald wig.

  2. The more “Goofier” looking the outfit, the better, these days. Shock value is were it’s at.

  3. Muffin you’re right. The lady who does it best for me is Katy Perry she’s hot as hell!

  4. Are you sure those girls were winners of a contest and not the losers? I wouldn’t let her style my dog. And would someone please cut that hanging piece of tulle off of that skirt.

  5. WHAT does race have to do with anything???

    It’s SHOW BIZ. ‘Splain yourself.

  6. Reta, some black women do some crazy stuff like wearing a Ronald McDonald hair style. That’s why I like Halle Berry’s style.

  7. Mel, I agree with you about Perry. She has a great body and sweet face, and she – or someone in her entourage – knows how to make the best of both assets.

    I don’t quite get the black women comment either. Uhm…Britney Spears, Christina Aguelera, Mariah Carey (come on, more white than black), the Simpson sisters, Amy Whinehouse, etc., etc.

  8. Whoaa… “Black Women” ??

    Like Lady GaGa’s over-the-top outfits wouldn’t catch a second glance…


  9. The above comment (again) was NOT posted by me. Every now and then some freak on here uses my name and spelling to say something racist, knowing as I have been on here a long time, that I am completely against racism of any kind. Someone is a coward, and not only a racist, but cruel and a fucking loser to boot. Feel free to be your racist asshole self, but have the balls to use your OWN name you fucking moron!
    -The REAL RETA

  10. PS: That is NOT a wig she is wearing, it’s her own (dyed) hair. Agree on the outfit, and also wondered about that wierd bit of tulle hanging loose around the bottom…so strange no one caught that and clipped it off. I do like the skirt or slip, whatever it is, but the jacket sucks completely! Maybe without the socks and jacket, the outfit might work tho…certainly much much better than ANYTHING the Gagme ever wears!

  11. Please. That is NOT her hair she is wearing added hair. That’s a either a sewn in or glued on weave/extension. Katie Perry and Gag do the same.

    EVERYBODY including MEN know about this celeb hair stuff nowadays, though you were hip!

  12. Captain, you’ve been told once before not to be a racist pile of shit. Who post for other people anyway. That wasn’t me either. Although, I do like Halle Berry.

  13. I agree with Reta’s first comment even if it wasnt her. However, it is expected that lack of class in dressing infects low class black women but they are not alone…..R is laughing all the way to the bank for the stooges of all races who are paying big bucks to see her and buy her music.

  14. The hair of most celebs is fake in some way, beyond hair color. For women it is extensions, falls and wigs, weaves. Same for younger outrageous men – Adam Lambert for example. Older men – like Travolta – losing their hair are wearing toupees, or doing flocking (where hairs are spray glued, like insulation, ont the bald and thinning spots).

    Between plastic surgery, fake hair, dental work, fake tans and colored contact lenses, the average celeb is less real than Barbie. Don’t they realize that this is a corporate move – encourage entertainers to be fabricated, and when technology advances enough to provide robots or computer sprites that can simulate humans, the public will readily accept them. And then all these celebs will be so much garbage.

  15. reta, you want us to believe that you are so special that someone here imitates you? please! honey, you need to move the hell on. you remind me of certain women who run after black men because you believe you are superior to black women. well, you know where you can take that!

    you have been talking sideways out of your mouth for awhile now.

  16. funky, that was a fake post, pure and simple. However one may disagree with someone else, however annoying one may find another, conflict should not extend to denying reality.

  17. i wasn’t posting to you, so you, too, can move along! goodbye.

  18. Thanks, funky.

    Kids! Play nice or I will give you a time-out.

  19. funky, take your medication. I can hear you snapping your fingers and doing the head waggle, and your weave shuffling all the way up north here.

  20. Sorry, Funky, but I have no reason whatsoever to make anything up and am comepletely truthful on here as well as whereever else I write, and ALWAYS use my real name, which does make me a sitting duck for racists who know I am NOT. In FACT I said not so very long ago that my boyfriend was black (I am white) as well as the other difference in my being an atheist and he being a very much Christian. I have taken great flak for both views, being atheist AND accepting of all races. My son also happens to have a hispanic (actually Spanish) father and has blue eyes tho his father has brown.
    YOU may choose to be or stay racist, which you definitely ARE, but I am not and that first post saying something negative about black women was NOT my doing, it was a coward trying to make others believe it was me. You can choose to believe that or not, but however, it IS the truth. The REGULARS on here know it as well.

    I have even written for a black periodical and been very honored to be accepted by them, being that I am NOT black, and they KNEW it. They published me on my writng alone.
    Please try not to be so judgemental. It’s not healthy. My boyfriend’s daughter is the very same way and detests me without having ever even talked to me, simply because I wear white skin. I’m SURE you know what THAT feels like!
    Try to be a human being, and see a person for who they ARE, not who you have preconcieved them to be. You MIGHT find yourself in a much happier and nicer world.

  21. Ah Skittles, Oscar Wilde called, he wants you to give him his wit – and fellatio skills – back.

  22. Funky, it does happen because it happen to me. So be careful it could happen to you. I believe Reta and I trust her word.

  23. Thank you Lenny. I see the explosive “Funky” is being a bit tight-lipped now. Perhaps she can’t function when confronted with logic. By the way, I have decided to do myself a huge favor and no longer read any part of strom or Cap’n asshole’s posts. I will skim over them to only read the REAL humans. Of course, I know full well that that asshole used his real name before (Gerard Vandenburg) so will program my brain to skip that asshole version as well. I am quite good at picking out his posts before I can even read them as he has signature things he does and says, altho I believe he himself is too mind-mumbingly below par to realize it.

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