Recently Danielle Staub, who was booted off “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” was celebrating her “two new reality shows” by having lunch at The Ivy on Robertson Blvd. According to our nosey source, her table manners were questionable and she “devoured the basket of bread like a piranha.” After lunch, she went to the Chanel store and picked out three handbags that added up to way over $14,000. She put them on hold, confiding with a wink, that she hoped her new TV producers would pay for them. She never came back.



  1. This soooo goes against my usual jovial attitude of never saying anything hateful about anyone (LOL)……but, that is one fugly human bean.

  2. ^^you fail miserably everyday since you are a judgy jill. i guess homophobia on your end is not hateful.

    indy=mamasan=lil off braodway

  3. I told you all–Captain America/Strom has multiple personality disorder, i.e., Longtime Lurker.

  4. These reality show people are like sewer rats, scrounging for goodies. I would like to be filthy rich, just so that I could be in one of these high end stores, and upon seeing a piece of reality show trash, declare I am never going to shop there again – in as loud a voice as possible – and stomp out.

  5. I agree Sebastian, that MIGHT work somewhat, and being a California girl it sickens me greatly to hear this hideous freak bitch liar square-fake-titted ganster-screwing prostitute (at her own admittance) piece of shi-it has brought her nasty to my land. Someone needs to dust her ass and pronto. Can’t some white slavers pack her in a taxi trunk and drive her over the border and turn her into dog food or something? Oh, wait, that would be too good for her…wouldn’t want to poison any tiny dogs after all…but I hear there are some pretty horny donkeys down in Tijuana…I’m sure ONE might be interested in this old hag…if you blindfolded it that is!

  6. Reality shows are the bane of western civilization. Please just STOP this already. Why can’t producers bring back scripted dramas with real actors? And they wonder why no one watches tv anymore! The only things I watch are MadMen and the Food network, everything else is pure SHIT.

  7. It wasn’t so long ago that sitcoms were everywhere and some of them were funny. You had a few dramas like Falcon Crest, Dallas and a couple more. At least they could act, this pile of steaming hot shit they call entertainment is so over the top when will it end. No talent is what’s the normal today. I have 150 channels and only watch about 10, I think I’m changing my package.

  8. Remember that time she tried to steal Christmas, but the Whos celebrated anyway? That was good.

  9. Snubb, television is over, and scripted shows are too expensive, so reality shows fill the gap. It is a case of the entertainment corporations looting the ghost town – they are always working on ways to squeeze out as much money as they can before it all collapses.

  10. Can’t we all get together somehow and cyber-bully this effed-up bitch to death? I can bring the rope! And I know a really really great pier in Ventura California while she’s in Calif maybe she can find it and sleepwalk off the end of it?! Whoever is with her now, program her GPS PLEASE………

  11. She is quite foul. And now Bravo wants to shove HoWives of D.C., B.H. & all the rest of the country’s trifling trash our way.

    How about a big “NO THANKS !”

    Anybody with me?

  12. City Girl…I’m with you girl! Now the so-called “Beverly Hills” wives are coming next and the commercials have started. Crammed down our throats will be Kelsey Grammer’s new ex-wife (solid plastic) who proudly tells the camera she has 4 “nannies” (but she only has 2 kids)! This piece of white trash plastic-wrapped shit stares down the camera unable to blink or express human emotion in any form as she tosses her silky fake blonde (of course) “hair” and tries to lure us in in a blank-faced come hither stare that must have scared poor Kelsey right off his wallet and all the way pinging over to the East Coast where he hid under the skirts of yet another still-young and as yet unplastified blonde babe whom he immediately impregnated with his priceless biological issue.
    And this tossed aside bimbo is on this new show because? Isn’t it called “Real Housewives”? Somebody better marry the plastic bitch pronto, because she is NOT qualified under that heading, no matter HOW much plastic is twisted, pulled, shot, siphoned from her “face”. She COULD however, probably star in the remake of Bride of Frankenstein. They could film it on a high school budget with all the money they’d save on special effects make-up just on her alone!

  13. Reta I’m so over all of these shitty ‘shows.” You hit the nail on the head, because, really none of these women are housewives.

    They certainly aren’t married to the house/housework, they spend more time at the botox doctors than the time planning the evening meal, the only shopping they do is for luxuries, def. not the food for the larder. I could go on & on & on. All I know is I work very hard for what I/ my family needs, then I’ve still gotta go buy the food, prepare the food, clean up after the meal, wash the dishes after that, I’m not even venturing into the laundry, homework crap that comes later!!!

    In this economy especially, no one really is fighting to watch the plasticity emanating from your tv screen. BTW, since we all know from the prior shows that it’s all a sham, (rented homes, bankruptcy, divorces,etc.) we really don’t need to watch- The outcome is always the same.

    I think I’ll go grab a good juicy book instead. That way I know I will rarely,if ever be disappointed.

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