What does Melanie Brown REALLY know about her new husband who calls himself Stephen Belafonte? If, indeed, his real name is Stephen Stansbury, the dirt just keeps piling up. Does she know about his criminal record in New Jersey, San Diego, and LA? In Beverly Hills it was assault with a deadly weapon, in Hollywood it was vandalism and assault on a roommate. Does she know how many EX-WIVES and GIRLFRIENDS have charged him with assault and battery? He’s lived in four apartments in LA and the con artist was EVICTED from each one for not paying rent. He was 86’d from Skybar for some sort of credit card “problem.” He served time in jail for trying to alter his computer police records. In 1997, he was married for three months until his wife charged him with battery. In the past he has tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick’s nephew and Harry Belafonte’s son. Need we say more?

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  1. What does one say when a larcenous skank marries an ex-con? Congratulations, Scary!
    He’s perfect for you!

  2. Ive worked with him on two movie projects and he seemed really open about his crazy past so why is this such a big deal!!! Misery loves company!!!!

  3. HMM-Word is that Mel totally knows about all this. She’s not exactly an idiot.
    ps. I bet he’s got a huge d***
    he looks like he’d be good in bed

  4. The old Hollywood saying is there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so in a way, you can sort of see how the thing looks from her perspective.
    After all, she along with everyone else in LA

  5. Anonymous 1:22am – right ON. I’d read YOUR blog any day, where do we find you?

  6. Eddie’s wife and Mel needed him as the planning expert to con Eddie.. K?

  7. oh yeah….i know stephan alright…this guy is a genuine manupulative psycho…he hunts rich girls down and drains them for EVERTHING and cuts them off from everyone so he can control and beat them….flipside…they’ve gotta be some pretty low self esteemed women to put up witha minute of his unruly sure they all look back in retrospect and are stunned they were even with this SMOOTH CRIMINAL

  8. ive seen him around la…not a bad lookin fella but has an eerie shady prescence about him,,,mel b…whatcha doin girl?
    this will be interesting to watch pan out… guess is we’ll be reading hes behind bars before u know it…what an idiot for steppin out in the limelight…its like hes askin to get caught..tired of runnin stephan?
    the ultimate risk for the ultimate paycheck

  9. Stansbury/Belafonte does have a few Hollywood credits to his name, but knowing what he’s done to get work, “Thank You for Smoking (My Pole)” would have been a much more appropriate title for his last film.

  10. I saw the twats on Larry King last night. I lost all respect for Mel B. That poor little girl that she just gave birth to.

  11. LMFAO! “Thank you for Smoking (my pole)” is brilliant. I just want the stuff back that he stole from me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr… FYI,
    I’ve seen celebs ask bouncers to have Stephan removed from clubs when they see him inside.

  12. True story is Who really knows steve we all went to school with him and we heard stories and maybe we even had seen him do some of the crazy stuff. But let him be this is bs why is everyone hating on him get a grip and move out of point pleasant you losers. he did and now you want to destroy all he worked for. weather it was good or bad how he got there is his deal so grow up and be happy a person who dropped out of high school is doing well for himself.. His past is not going to ruin him and he cant change his last name without seeing a judge 1st and a judge will not change a last name if someone has warrents. Steve I think ur a ratty prick but ill still defend you kid i think what you have done in your past is sick and ur a weird dude but good for you kid do your thing. eeveryone else bugg off you pills

  13. Steve s. went to cali for his first time with brady taylor. brady had received over 150,000 and guess who was there for the ride. Steve.S as we all know him or steve B in Hell a.(la). well steve and brady got to cali. and lived like pimps for a yr or two until bradys money ran out. Once bradys money ran out steve started being his ratty self again looking for his pray to do what he does best scam his way in!!!!Brady had soon left cali and headed back to Dirt Jersey. as for brady he is a pill and since done nothing with his life and lives off other ppl like steve used to…back to the story steve out in cali. proclaimed to be a producer now as we did some research he was indeed he was a ( porn producer) prob. gay cause we all know about that part of steve too the bi side of him in which comes out when he can scam a gay guy into helping him in his job or to just get money. So now steve is starting to get a name for himself cause he is conning ppl. and sucking his way to the top. I mean I have heard of ppl. doing what they need to do to get to the top but dam no pride at all..sorry back to steve stansbury. its a shame because i know the whole family well i was in school with steve ester his sister and his older brother jeramiah and his younger sister hanna. They lived in point pleasant nj behind the high school and next to the cheese bizar on a corner. I have been at parties where he was not welcomed in but some how got his gruby hands to creep through a window and get in. Man there really is was to much to say about him and nt enough time. Hey Steve doyou have my 2,500 you own me you prick. either way if you dont know steve he is a a guy who came from nothing and would not work so he scamed and all of you lame ass holly weird ppl are gulable to believe his crap. it must be easy to make it in holly wood if you let this pill in..i might move there aren’t there a few spice girls left ill take a swing why not this pill did..a doller and a dream may be a true statement…well he is married now but i for one have seen him push himself up on women and they said no to where they would have to push him off and scream… so if u ppl want more info just ask questions ill answer them better then anyone else who knows him

  14. Steve stansbury get me in there with you kid you owe me money and I looked out for your ass when you were in the dirt of pp. Get me some of that hollywood ass man and ill help you put this to rest. if not im selling your life story to the press and i have it all

  15. Anyone who wants to talk about this creep please email me at I’m working on an expose on this guy for a national publication and all submissions can remain anonymous. Many thanks

  16. Hey, “west coast” douche bag. I just spoke with someone from People Magazine. If you really are a writer, than post your phone number and and name. The contact at People magazine is Pete Norman for anyone who would like to share their Stephan horror stories. I have court papers and photographic evidence. FU Stephan! You owe me money. The world will see the back and blue marks you gave me a**hole!

  17. Paparazzi should start asking Stephen questions when he is in public and the cameras are rolling. If they ask questions about his past that will incense him (stealing, beating women, etc. and bring up the names of these people), then the real VIOLENT personality will surface. I wouldn

  18. Here are some questions, “Do you prefer having sex with women or men for money?,” and “Which is easier/tastes better?” “How many wives/kids have you had?”

  19. she is so stupid,,she gave birth in april, married secretly in June,,tries to make Eddie look bad,,and you are with this first I was feelin her frustration alittle, but now I think she is scum..and she married scum, if she cared about her child she would have kept this private..he is probably behind her exposing Eddie, I figured out yesterday he just married cuz he knows she is getting a big payday from Eddie..Hollywierd is writing its own scripts,,

  20. Scary, you’re certainly making your case any stronger by marrying this ex-con.
    Eddie Murphy knows how to play HARDBALL.
    We shouldn’t be surprised if he turns around and sues YOU for custody on the basis that you are not fit to raise his child. LOL
    Why is it that the greediest slags always seem to the most lacking in good common sense?

  21. Yeah — did it ever occur to Mel that given her new bloke’s unsavory past, she could now be accused of exposing her newborn to an unsafe person?
    Gloria must be shitting Buicks by now.

  22. Jeebus.
    She married an evidently-sociopathic, avaricious, swings-whichever-way-the-money-flows con man/ex-con whose only reason for being is to enrich himself at the great expense of others?
    Umm, why isn’t this guy running a studio?

  23. Stay tune she’ll probably get really beat up and well, what can you say about it all….
    Yal told her so !!
    Say who here is going to Memphis for Elvis Week, next week ?

  24. Somebody tell her to lighten up on all that sunburn on her face, makes her look awful…
    She needs to shorten that skirt up a bit as well.
    Let’s hope this guy doesn’t loot her of all her money, eh? If whatever you guys are saying about the dude.
    Never know, he might not be the same guy.

  25. Most of you shit talkers from Point have no clue what you’re talking about. Stevie was a bad egg. He was never a white power skinhead. He robbed Brady Taylor and Brady got shipped back to Jersey on a warrant while Steve stayed in his leased apartment rent free spending his dough while Brady was dirtin it up in Jersey. Every time something was missing in Point the cops went to Steves house first. Steve hung with a few different crowds until he screwed them then he moved on to someone else until he could go back and gank them some more after time passed. I was one of his brothers two best friends in high school. Jer had James from Long Branch,and me from Point. We all spent a lot of time with Stevie cause Jer had to put up with him being his brother. We drank,smoked weed,robbed and scammed for years. He is a str8 up criminal. He was the best manipulator and con man I ever met. He had no honor. He would steal from his friends just as easilly as stealing from a stranger.I got stories and dirt on that scumbag cause we did dirt together.He has no remorse and loyalty only to himself.She’s a big fish to him and he’s gonna get paid

  26. stephan pay me what u owe…or get it from ur wifey…………. thats 20 large u scum bag

  27. How does he end up bouncing a check to the guy from Fugees. I mean isn’ the guy looking for him at this point. Mel claims she knew he had a shady past, but did she realize he owed so many people money? She better get out her check book because the lawyers will start coming around very soon.

  28. umm, yes he was a white power skinhead! we are talking when he was in his early teens, probably before you was hanging out with jer and james from long branch. yes, and i know who james from long branch is, people called him big black james.

  29. You’re an idiot, the skins that hung out in front of Pt boardwalk were sharp skins (skinheads against racial prejudice) he was never a skinhead period. He used to wear UGG boots hang with Lapke and act like he was a surfer. I’ve been hangin with Jer since they moved up from V.A. I beat stevies ass once,and you probrably have this weird opinion bout the skins on the boardwalk cause you were a herb in school that caught beatdowns.I got no love for Steve but keep it real there’s enough true dirt on steve that ya don’t gotta make it up.

  30. You’re an idiot, the skins that hung out in front of Pt boardwalk were sharp skins (skinheads against racial prejudice) he was never a skinhead period. He used to wear UGG boots hang with Lapke and act like he was a surfer. I’ve been hangin with Jer since they moved up from V.A. I beat stevies ass once,and you probrably have this weird opinion bout the skins on the boardwalk cause you were a herb in school that caught beatdowns.I got no love for Steve but keep it real there’s enough true dirt on steve that ya don’t gotta make it up.

  31. i got someone telling me they remember clear as day steve with his green flight jacket with white power written on the back.
    and not all the skins were “sharp” skins, remember denise, diane, james t, billy, melissa?

  32. So you got someone telling you? I know he wasn’t a skinhead. And yes Billy Morton was a great friend of mine. And noone called James big black James to his face. James Herrington would’ve beat your ass had ya called him that. And what organization was he in? Eastern Hammer Skins? National Front? A.C.S. (Atlantic City Skins)? At least Know your facts before you come out trying to correct someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. And yes I knew Denise and Diane Marx,James Tarpey,John Divine,ect….But a white power skinhead? Stevie? You’re an assclown for even trying to still argue the fact. This dudes a liar. Believe the people that know.

  33. i see you’ve brushed up on you point pleasant boardwalk circa 1990 manual for bored rich white kids that gotta make up groups to belong.
    refreshing the teenage angst is till alive. oi oi oi

  34. everything is ALL heresay n rumors until some1 can prove something!
    the only thing they got on paper that we’ve seen so far is the papers where he is told to pay like 250 for child support to his babys momma
    the rest is rumors n gossip, cause this is a gossip site rite?

  35. Let it go people. why waste your time posting comments. the only way she will figure things out (if they are true) is by herself.

  36. LOL – this sh*t is too funny! I knew him too… some things never change!


  38. Nicole eat ass..ur a tool go eat some pills steve robbed us all i guess not u dumb ass grow up lol get a grip

  39. OHMYGOD!!!!! I started out not believing any of this shit that was posted but there is something seriously disturbing about the last 7-8 posts!! Melanie GET THE F**K AWAY FROM THIS SNAKE!!!! these people clearly know something about him! He got you when you were vulnerable! i’m a real fan of yours Mel but seriously you need to let other people choose your men because you seem to only choose the lowlifes that want to use you! your better than this shit!GET AWAY FROM HIM JESUS!! even i’m scared
    I always thought there was something slimey about him! even before I got to hear anything about his rumoured past, The first time I saw a picture of him I looked at his eyes and KNEW I did NOT like this man! Mel I will be sure to pray for you tonite! and i’m not even a christian but he really does seem like THE DEVIL! your a wonderful woman and you deserve soooo much better than Eddy Dirty and jimmy Gulzar and now stephan bel-whoever the hell he really is! GIIIRRRRLLL WAKE_UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. he stole the stereo out of my car in high school he was a loser then and things haven’t changed

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