Mel B just released her autobiography Brutally Honest and it proves that she IS one of the wildest sex & drugs celebrities from her era. We remember back in the early 2000’s when she and Stephen Belafonte would prowl the Rainbow on Sunset for pretty girls to take home for threesomes. (How she could marry a guy who changed his name to Belafonte in hopes of passing for Harry Belafonte’s son, is a mystery.) She talks about it in her book, but what MOST surprised us was Mel calling Eddie Murphy the love of her life. Their romance might have lasted, but she got pregnant and that spoiled everything. Her divorce is costing a fortune, so Mel (AKA Scary Spice) is lucky that the Spice Girls are starting a concert tour next June.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA
Above, Mel is wearing a dress that says “I am not sorry, I am not for sale, I am not for reproduction”


  1. Remember, Celebrity Express is a Russian malware site that will infect your computer & steal your info!
    Never, ever click on it!

  2. She is and has always been “scary” nut mainly because of her voracious appetite for female sex. Deport her back to Europe when she will likely settle on Lesbos!

  3. This filthy disgusting woman is no role model for your children. I’m surprised drumph hasn’t had her deported yet

  4. Regarding her profession of love for Eddie, bit of an “imbalance” there, since he continues to LOATHE her to this day.

    It could all have been so different, but Mel saw big dollar signs very early, and–oopsie!–accidently on purpose got pregnant.

    Strike 2: Hired sh*t-bag Gloria Allred to “represent her.”

    Strike 3: Offered to drop all claims against Eddie’s paternity, in exchange for lump-sum cash and a beach house in Malibu.

    Small wonder Murphy wants never to see her again (and consequently the daughter they had together is rejected as well, though he pays child support).

    Melanie was water finding her level with con-man “Belafonte”–they were two peas in a pod.

    And we remember well how JCH (which had just launched) scooped the other sites when various witnesses to Stephen’s criminal history came here to spill! 😀

  5. JCH Scooped? Hahahahahahaha JCH’s scoops are just PR releases from the likes of Kardashian, Jlo, and very plain Demi Lovato.

    Not exactly breaking news!

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