One thing about Meg Ryan – she doesn’t throw away her money on trendy designer clothes. She wears the same pair of sensible shoes almost every day – no $1200 Louboutins for her. But everything she wears is totally hip, cool, and functional, and top quality. She has a very downtown sensibility. No doubt that’s one of the reasons she left Brentwood for Manhattan. Her little girl Daisy seems to be thriving in the big city too.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Finally they’re both wearing clothes with appropriate sleeve lengths, instead of monkey arms. But, Meg’s pants could use some tailoring to get them to the right length.

  2. She’s always been very casual, dosen’t give a sh** about “image”. Still think she’s cute.

    She still seeing Cougar man? Met him at a Austin gig one time. Nice dude.

  3. Very downtown sensibility and she’s a mega rich chick to boot. She invested her money well when she was the highest paid actress in lalaland.

  4. Notice how Meg has the key in the right hand in the defensive position.

  5. I just wish she hadn’t had all of that plastic surgery… she looks like a duck. 🙂

  6. Abe, lol! You do know she has dozens of milions sitting in the bank, dont you?

    JC, who cares about her shoes? Her little girl is a cutie!

  7. Janet, double standards much?!

    Yesterday you were putting down Mac because he doesn’t waste money on being a clothes horse, yet you applaud Meg for the same thing??

  8. Sorry – but she hardly ever looks good anymore. She looks like she pulled her clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper.

    At least with a coat on, she is hiding her wrinkled clothes.

  9. that little girl is cute, she is scary as hell.

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