daisycutmegg Meg Ryan and her son Jack and her adopted daughter Daisy had a cute family outing at Orso for lunch recently. Jack,15, took charge and ordered for everyone. Meg told the waiter “He’s growing up so fast!” They had a pleasant meal and later Meg was heard talking on her cell phone as she left the ladies room. She was saying ruefully “We all make mistakes. I’ve given up hope of ever finding Mr Right.” Yikes, if cute Meg gives up, what hope can the rest of us have?

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12 thoughts on “MEG RYAN FAMILY OUTING

  1. If abuse of plastic surgery is any indication of mental health Meg Ryan is fcuked up in the head and rightly shouldn’t be looking for a man.

  2. She’s a (not hot) mess. If she wanted to adopt the baby, maybe she should focus on that and not worry about getting laid by some dickhead who will pretend not to notice how she has mutilated her own face.

  3. Oh pleeeeze she is a fav and that family is really cool!!!

  4. This was supposed to be a recent photo? It’s summer and Meg and the baby are dressed in winter clothes. And what’s with the pumpkin? I think this photo was taken in October.

  5. Does Meg’s daughter Daisy have a physical disability? I have never seen Daisy walk–Meg is always carrying her.

  6. Does Meg’s daughter Daisy have a physical disability? I have never seen Daisy walk–Meg is always carrying her.

  7. Janet, can’t you just call Daisy Meg’s daughter? Adding ‘adopted’ all the time seems weird. I have never referred to my sister as my adopted sister. That’s so cold. She’s my sister. Period.

  8. Hmm, that isn’t the same photo you posted yesterday when she was walking with her son….and she and the munchkin were wearing winter-type clothing. My comment must have made an impact.

  9. This particular photo is a year old. There are plenty of recent photos, Janet! The little one is 2,5 now.
    Don’t worry Anon, there are plenty of photos of Daisy walking. There is nothing wrong with her. And I agree with the other anon: refer to her as her daughter, without the adoption-part, please!

  10. She’s cool, happy and probably telling a friend to quit trying to find a blind date for her in a firm way.

  11. STOP IT!!! Please, Janet, DO NOT refer to children as adopted!!! Daisy is Meg’s daughter, Maddox is Angelina and Brad’s son, etc. Would you say, “… Teri Hatcher’s white daughter …” or, “… Eddie Murphy’s black son …”? Break this divisive trend, Janet, you can do it! NO MORE LABELS!

  12. Her daughter is adorable and she’s right…are their any good straight men out there?

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