Funny how Tom Cruise absolutely INSISTED that all the guys- including his Top Gun rival Val Kilmer -appear in This new Top Gun Maverick, 34 years after the original. All this in spite of the fact that Val has been struggling with cancer for years and can barely speak. It will be interesting to see how his character is portrayed. Of course Tom had NO interest in bringing back his female costar and love interest in the original, Kelly McGillis. Meg Ryan was the other female in the original and she was not invited back either. Why were ONLY the females eliminated? Not even a cameo?… Tom’s new love interest is Jennifer Connolly, 13 years younger than Kelly.

Photo: Top Gun


  1. This will be a huge payday for the scientologists, all tax free of course.

  2. It’s the patriarchy. Yeah, that’s it.

  3. No one wants to see old ladies on screen unless they are playing a grandmother or something. Movies are FANTASY they aren’t supposed to be real life. That being said Tom Cruise is over the hill and should have been replaced too. I don’t want to see his old fart ass chasing after some young chica. A person has to know when they have hit their expiration date and move on but these people are all narcissists so they can’t give it up. Props to Kelly McGillis.

  4. Kelly McGillis herself said of course they wouldn’t want her back — she’s old & fat now, looking age-appropriate in her 60s. Those are her words, not mine.

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