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Matthew Perry obviously didn’t like that photo we posted last January of him looking hefty where we compare him to Joey Buttafouco. He’s looking much fitter these days because he’s doing all the right things. Perry is working out with a special trainer at a private gym in Beverly Hills four times a week. And, according to an employee at a restaurant he frequents near the gym, he’s on the Hollywood Diet: scrambled egg whites and broiled chicken. So Matthew is obviously sculpting himself a new body.

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  1. Oh barf .. can’t imagine anything more sickening that scrambled egg whites and broiled chicken. Get real, Matt, just eat sensibly…and get a steady girlfriend (or boyfriend???).

  2. He looks great and SHOULD get back into acting, he hasn’t done anything in a long time now.

  3. Perry is a total loser. This schmuck can’t carry a film or a TV show for that matter. He can diet all he wants, he’ll still just be a washed up ‘friend’ like all the rest of them.

  4. Must be getting ready for that series for Showtime that I’ve heard about.

  5. He is basically unsure of himself and covers it up by trying to be funny (such as he did on Friends). He can’t seem to hang on to a girlfriend, it apparently comes thru that he is just trying too hard.

  6. Yes Janet, it’s because of you that he is working out… way to go!

  7. I think he’s rather handsome, but he needs to quit drinking for good. Booze bloat is very hard to combat (see Russell Crowe) and will age a man fast. I’d love to see him in a comedy again or playing lead in a light drama.

  8. A waste of TIME, ENERGY & MONEY, folks!! But I’d mount him from behind and stick my oooogeeeegoooogeeee in him anyway wooooohooooo cause he just looks that fine and I don’t care if he’s got the time I got the energy and he can give ME the money…wooohooo ffffolks!!!

  9. Eff off haters, he is a lot better of an actor than most of the other Friends, you clearly don’t know how to use quotes properly.

  10. I think that he is a good actor and I wish he would quit drinking for good. He trys hard though. I have been a fan since 1994. I have liked all his movies and television shows. So if you do not have anything nice to say why bother saying anything at all.!!!!!!

  11. Hey, dumbasses, he’s been sober since 2001. Sure there’s been a little flare up every now and then but that’s about it. As for his nose…I don’t see anything wrong with it. You all should fine-tune your attitudes.

  12. Attention M: If he has consumed alcohol after 2001, he has not been sober since 2001. He has been sober since the last time he was drunk. You’re right about his nose, though. It’s fine as is.

  13. He’s been sober for 8 years! Clean and sober! Period. No drugs no alcohol.

  14. He’s been sober for 8 years! Clean and sober! Period. No drugs no alcohol.

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