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It turns out matriarch Ethel Kennedy, 83, was the matchmaker who fixed up Taylor Swift with her grandson Conor Kennedy. Ethel, RFK’s widow, became a huge fan of Taylor’s through her singing and her generous and squeaky clean reputation. According to the New York Post, Ethel read a magazine article where Taylor, 22, revealed her fascination and admiration for the Kennedy history and not long after that she befriended Taylor and eventually invited the country singer to visit the family compound on Cape Cod. She and Conor, 18, met on July 4, and felt an immediate attraction. To Ethel’s delight, they’ve been keeping company ever since.

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  1. YO, Ms. Swift may give off the aura that she is squeaky clean but she has, as they say, been around. She dated the pig John Mayer, a Jonas Brother, and Jake (gay) Gyllenhaal, among others, all of which she wrote songs about when the affair was over.

    When she and Conor break up, she will probably write her most telling heartbreak song of all. Since he is a Kennedy, it will be her masterpiece. lol

  2. They’ve been “keeping company” ever since. Haven’t heard that expression in 50 years. Taylor’s too old for Conor.

  3. Maybe when she grows up she will shed those ridiculous long skirts and dresses.

  4. Why would anyone want anything to do with a Kennedy. The younger generation is still paying for the crimes of the oldest (Joe) and next (JFK, RFK, TK). They dont think the rules apply to themselves and are a special breed. They dont even have so much money these days.

  5. I agree with Strom on this one. It amazed me that any woman would have anything to do with the narcissistic, misogynist Kennedy men, especially after the long list of women driven to suicide,drug and alcohol addiction, and just plain misery by these cretins. Not to mention the occasional rape, etc. Disgusting, souless bunch of elitist SOB’s.

  6. @Christine India – LOL!!! How true.

    If Taylor has any sense, she should run as fast & far as possible from that crazy clan.

  7. She sems happy to have his hand under her (very small) breast!

  8. I doubt that she will write a song on this one because she might end up dead. As far as the latest dead wife, she was his mistress before he divorced the last one to be with her. So that was her karma.

    What about the actress that is with the father, her karma will catch up with her soon.

    The press kill me with stilling calling them camelot. Of what and for what?!!? The government, press, nyc renaming tribro bridge after rfk. Wasting taxes money and people still recognize the bridge as triboro. They killed him his brother and son and they still blowing smoke up the family ass. I wonder if the gov gives them a stipend to be quiet? because how is it possible they can still maintain the homes and taxes in hynanis port

  9. Read the Newsweek (online, it’s The Daily Beast) article about Mary Kennedy, and you’ll see that she suffered from BPD (Borderlne Personality Discorder) big time, and used alcohol to self-medicate for years. She was a brilliant architect who descended into madness, and it wasn’t caused by the Kennedys! Also, interesting that Ethel doesn’t mind setting up her grandson w/ someone in the entertainment business. Jackie didn’t want John Jr. to get involved with anyone in “the business.”

  10. And, I *love* Taylor’s vintage flowered skirt. Pretty and feminine! 🙂


  12. This little white trash honey has had more bone than astro, fido and old mother Hubbard combined.

  13. Why does she think she is 15 or something?? I hate this phony little girl act of hers Im so over it! oh well not even the number 13 can help you now Taylor good luck!

  14. The Kennedy in question looks like a cute kid but I agree with Kitty, females should stay the heck away from the Kennedys, they tend to mysteriously wind up dead.

  15. Squeaky clean?!? This skank has been around more times than the drum in a clothes dryer! And she can’t write, sing, or strum worth a damn!

  16. keneddys will do anything to keep their crime connected family in the news they are just whitetrash with criminal backgrounds, no one watches them anymore they are trashy loosers and fronts for the mafia

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