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Storage Wars star Barry Weiss, 61, is far too busy to have a girlfriend these days. Before the show became a hit, Barry was frequently seen with the same younger woman at flea markets and auctions. Now that he’s risen to rockstar status, Barry has no time for relationships. He likes to take off on one of his motorcycles or vintage cars and see the country at the drop of a hat. He’s invited to make personal appearances at resorts and casinos across the country and these events are packed with Barry Weiss “groupies” eager to show him a good time. Storage Wars made the dapper Barry a chick magnet and he’s enjoying every minute.

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  1. Barry is one horny yid…you can catch him at the deli most mornings comparing bank accounts with the other “brothers” around the table.

  2. The show didn’t make him a star, his fellow Jews ensured him a spot on the cast.

  3. Well, in all fairness, if he’s traveling a lot, no point getting into a relationship he can’t commit to. As for the rock star/chick magnet? He’s no Mick Jagger.


  5. My wife adores him and I think he funny. If the women are after him, then good for him!

    He seems to be good natured and always interesting. I love all the different vehicles he drives. He has some cool rides.

  6. I want to know where he gets his money. He doesn’t make any money on the storage stuff, he either keeps it for himself or throws it away.

  7. Barry is great on the show , Dave and Darrell are such jerks and Barry is always so good natured whether he does good or not. And believe or not some day you young ones will get old and the Barrys of this world will look good to you too !!

  8. He def is the star on that show and looks like he would be a hoot to hang out with. Love his taste in transportation vehicles and am curious to know how he made his money or is it family money? His mother looked like a rich B.

  9. @Christine

    “Wholesale fruits and vegetables. I owned a produce company, and we exported and imported, my brother and myself. I did that for years.”

  10. I agree with Christine, he actually is the best part of Storage Wars. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and obviously enjoys being a part of the show.

  11. Maybe not but Barry is one horny yid…you can catch him at the deli most mornings comparing bank accounts with the other “brothers” around the table.

  12. Wonder if T/Tom/Tommy can get Fred Goldman in on some of this action? The Yids can hang out together and work on making some $$$.

  13. Jewish or not, the older ladies that remember Cary Grant may see a bit of the Aussie Scoundrel in Barry Weiss. It’s hard not to like the ol’ guy.

  14. Hate comments from people who can’t accept that they don’t have the brains, work ethic, or attitude to achieve what they want.

  15. omg i am 21 and am crushing on him so hard i love his personality.. i would love to spend a night with him i would rock his world i would make him commite to a relationship <3

  16. Just love Barry Weiss-He is so funny-Happy go lucky guy (not with the storage units).Just once would like to see him make a bundle on a unit.Glad nasty Hester is out of the picture-
    When he make thousands was that fixed too Mr.Hester-just go away.

  17. Too much foaming over Barry.

    He is one horny yid…you can catch him at the deli most mornings comparing bank accounts with (Larry King, Fred $$ Goldman)the other “brothers” around the table.

  18. Barry makes the show great and funny but is a fake rich spoiled mamas boy whom thinks HD died and went to storage Heaven HD acts like HD has more money than sence Kind of narcissistic

  19. Chick Magnet???? He is the biggest gay wad on TV. He dresses like an aging girlie man, and he jokes are gross…trying to cover his orientation. I absolutely hate the way he throws things around and acts disdainful that someone didn’t leave their life savings for him. What an attention seeker. Yuk

  20. Funny how people trash talk a person they never met. He is wealthy and now on TV and those trash talkers? Sitting at home spending hours on the internet and forums. Those trash talkers would jump to be paid for TV appearances but my guess is compared to Barry they have little to add.

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