Chris Brown is still desperately trying to prove he’s “Mr Nice Guy,” and he made a point of announcing his support of Frank Ocean, the singer who came out of the closet a few weeks ago. We just don’t buy it. In the past, Chris has been quick to hurl gay slurs when he gets riled up by someone, such as a photographer or a guy he’s playing ball with. He usually apologizes later, but his first impulses are generally homophobic. Considering his fierce temper, we bet he’s only gay-friendly when he’s in a really good mood.

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  1. I never heard of Frank Ocean until the story was published about his bisexuality, but he played an “evening with” concert the other night in Boston and got some great reviews. The story obviously got him some new fans, but from the article, it sounded like he already has the talent.

  2. This fool has already set the tone to what a hot head personality he has. No matter what he says or does from this point forward, the damage is done. He’s not friendly period.

  3. Chris could be compared to Alec Baldwin. A raging temper is imbedded in their DNA; not much hope of a turnaround.

  4. yeah, Christine, good comparison. Someone needs to beat his punk ass into the ground. Show him how it feels.

  5. Sounds like JC is a member of the “Gay is OK” group. Who cares if he is fag/lesbo friendly so long as he doesnt break any laws.

    Check out the major spread of AIDS caused by the GAY Community. They are just as potent and poisonous lobby as the NRA.

  6. The government is the root cause of aids. The government controls and make diseases just like when they were injecting the blacks in the Tuskegee Experiment to wipe out blacks, south american women and men.

    I was never a gun enthusiast but thank god for the NRA. I’d rather be lock and loaded before giving the right to bear arms.

    As far as Chris Brown is concern publicity is propaganda to get people do things, buy things they don’t need. Supporting gay rights is supporting his album, image and gay rights.

  7. but he is women-unfriendly, folks.
    anyway: GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL, you sickmaking F*ggots!!

  8. “George Bush hates black people.”
    Chris Brown is a ridiculous, mouthy, goof.

  9. That assumes RiRi is a woman…..her lesbo proclivity says otherwise.

  10. Why doesn’t this dipshit just disappear already?

  11. Ew, I wouldn’t touch this lowlife with someone else’s you-know-what. Scummy violent jerk who will do anything for publicity.

  12. Janet,
    Take a look around the internet b/c there is a story about Chris having a bunch of goons attack Frank Ocean over a dispute. They have a history.

  13. brown and drake both had a bitch fight over who was making remarks about the other guys MAN, they ain’t foolin no body,they are both closet QUEENs, especially Drake who is a total bottom boy !

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