One thing Mariah Carey COULDN’T do at her second anniversary wedding ceremony was wear her original wedding dress! It’s apparent that she has outgrown the original gown by a mile! As you can see by the (top) first wedding photo Mariah was quite lean in those days. We suspect she is currently having fertilization treatments to increase her chances of getting pregnant- and they can pack on the pounds. That’s why she isn’t too concerned about her size – plus the fact that Nick doesn’t mind having more of her to love.

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  1. Maybe she should carry him over the threshhold, unless she wants him to get a hernia.

  2. I’ve never heard of fertilization treatments causing a woman to turn into a blimp. I think you’ve got that one wrong Janet. Lots of women must go this route and haven’t blimped out like this cow has. I’m surprised she doesn’t fall on her rediculous cow udder breats because they sure look like they are pulling her toward earth. Her face looks awful with the extra weight and really gives her a moon face look which isn’t attractive with her features which are rather bland to begin with. She’s not exactly your standard raving beauty, now, is she?

  3. mariah was never intended to be a skinny nor small women. it’s not in her genes. beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes.

  4. She herself has said she likes Cristal champagne and when downing glass after glass she gets the munchies big time. Doesn’t take long for those fat cells to fill up. She needs to pull herself together or she will have another mental meltdown like she had in the past.

  5. Mariah can adopt my baby when it’s born in 8 months.

  6. OMG she’s as hefty as Kirstie Alley. Cover yourself you slob! I don’t buy that she’s on fertility treatments, she’s been fat for the last ten years probably due to her alleged alcoholism.

  7. I have Reta, it’s the one with biscuits and gravy. What the hell has happen to this gal? These two having sex would look like a fly on a hippo.

  8. Reports are from 2 tabloids and after having their resident doctors look at her pictures is: 192 pounds.

  9. Reta, you are mistaken this time. In vitro and hormone treatments totally make you gain weight. If that is what they are doing/what is happening, then her weight gain is absolutely understandable. Just let her be for now. Let’s hope it happens for them!

  10. Marianne,

    Right you are! When I was trying to get pregnant (IVF), I was put on pregnisone (don’t know if I’ve spelled it correctly), a steroid that not only made me gain weight, but caused my hair to fall out! It was nasty stuff! Mariah seems very happy, and so does her man. 🙂

  11. IVF treatments do NOT typically cause weight gain. LOOK IT UP. If a woman gains weight it is for some other reason, such as increased caloric intake, possibly from the stress or depression from trying to have a baby, NOT from the treatment. TOO MANY CALORIES AND NOT ENOUGH EXCERSIZE causes weight gain. DUH!

  12. Did anyone see her on MTV cribs a few years back? She had exercise equipment all over her apartment and admitted that she never uses it because she hates to exercise. She also spent the whole show laying down eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Add those things up with approaching menopause and that’s why she’s fat. I don’t think she even wants a kid, that would require her to think about somebody besides herself. She’ll probably adopt a black kid from africa like every other idiot in hollywood.

  13. I went thru infertility treatments a few years ago and I gained a few pounds tops, it’s more likely that she’s a stress eater & that’s how she is packing on the pounds. I’ve never heard of THAT much weight gain from infertility meds.

  14. Who cares about her weight? The ridiculous thing about this story is another friggin’ expensive wedding only two years after the original? Celebrities are the most vain, self-centered, egotistical group of morons on the planet.

  15. Geesh people, lay off Mariah. Think about it. All that money and she can’t buy slim. I think her weight gain is a combination of poor diet (this one is inexcusable), lack of exercise, aging, and possible some kind of therapy which is contributing to her weight gain. But most importantly, she is a big bone gal with propensity to easy gain weight. Even at her slimmest, she was full bodied, not the scrawny type.

    Call it narcissism, self absorbed, whatever, you can’t tell me you don’t feel pity, especially for that young man who is her servant at best. Gals like her are never happy. I mean she has a gorgeous house (not a home), no visitors or children to ruin her all white furnishings. Keeps her family at bay. What a life. The diff between her and Halle is that one has a doggy and the other has a kid. Neither can gel with a real man. Both are incandescently unhappy and miserable. How is that possible.

  16. PoopieStriker: “full bodied”???? “a big bone gal” Surely you jest! Why, just look at the original wedding pic above, when she was NORMAL. She’s a SMALL woman, and not in ANY WAY “big boned”. Stop making excuses for her! Nick Cannon himself is a slight man, and she is MUCH smaller than he is in the original wedding pic. Now she’s such a beefy cow she practically dwarfs him! I agree with Platypus above who told of seeing her on TV showing her home and telling how she doesn’t work out. I’ve also heard her on TV bragging about how much Cristal she wolfs down regularly. She’s also been on TV shows DRUNK a few times. Alcohol definitely puts the weight on. I hope she gets her drinking under control before she puts a child in her body, because it will not be fair to the baby what the alcohol will do to it in the womb, and she’ll have nobody to blame but her drunken self!

  17. When you appear at 2 or 3 some kind of awards show totally drunk and barely able to stand up, then you are an alcoholic. If she drinks this much and goes out in public, that means she drinks way more than that in the privacy of her mansion. Booze and the munchies together pack it on fast.

  18. Hey Reta,

    On the contrary, I am not making excuses for her, just trying to lay out why she is getting so fat. I honestly believe it’s a combination of all those things I mentioned especially a poor diet well supplemented with alcohol. Then again I am not a fly on her wall so I know nothing. It is what it mab be.

    I am 5’9 and weigh 160 medium frame. I am told I am over my BMI. I looked emaciated at 140 (a more ideal wt). I work out 3x a week.

    MC is also 5’9. I don’t look anything like that. I surmise she is over 180 lbs in last photo. Anybody would dwarf her husband who has always been skinny as they come.

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