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Bits and pieces of Christoper Ciccone’s book “Life with My Sister Madonna “ are leaking out, and it’s not as shocking as we hoped. Christopher admits that when her husband Guy Ritchie came into Madonna’s life, it was the death knell for Chris’s relationship with his sister. He describes Guy as a “man’s man” who isn’t bothered by homophobic humor. In other words he laughs at gay jokes. Not a good thing, but so far that’s the worst thing he’s said about Guy. He also thinks they won’t divorce because they are committed to staying married. Let’s hope the book is juicier than the leaks.

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  1. It’s just awful that all this unpleasantness — the book, infidelity, the marriage woes — once again all seem to be surrounding this humble woman just at the moment she is set to promote yet another tour/album/t-shirt/coloring book/bowel movement.

  2. Does he spill the unsurprising secret that Madonna is the Nosferatu, the undead?

  3. Christopher is a scumbag and i hope his book bombs. It probably wont because people love to read bad stuff about celebs but the money he makes he will lose quickly on drugs, gambling etc. He will be right back where he was. A nobody that has been disowned by his all his siblings..not just Madonna.

  4. He cant harm Madonna. Everything negative u can think of has been said about Madonna and it has not discouraged her or harmed her career one bit. Dont u all just hate it??!! Haha LOSERS!!!!

  5. She should wear long sleeves and gloves to cover up those hideous arms and hands. Those veins are right on the surface.

  6. She needs to quit the obsessive workouts – she looks horrible.
    I couldn’t care less about her. Never liked her music – too generic. She’s a Michagander who longs to be more.
    Get lost!

  7. The red string tying her to Kabbalah; she needs to get out of it yesterday. Bad, very bad, is Kabbalah, a cult in every sense of the word. It will bring her down now and eternally. Read up on it.

  8. Janet, Madonna is pure unadulterated filth. We could care less about her and Ciccone’s book you are faithfully plugging.

  9. Wasn’t there some rumors about Guy getting way too close to Jason S.? What gives? It seems Chris is bragging that Guy as a true man! Guy must be very happy.

  10. anything to sell a tanking album and concert ,they have no souls or dignity.
    the arms of a 90 year old woman.

  11. How in the world will poor Vadge ever cope with all this attention?

  12. A big to do about nothing. This book bores the yell out of me and it is not even out yet!

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