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Carmen Electra learned that touring with a rock band isn’t as glamorous as it seems when she attempted to go on on tour with her fiance, Korn guitarist Rob Patterson. She was startled by the LACK of first class accommodations that she’s accustomed to! Korn isn’t a huge band now and their traveling budget isn’t enormous, which means a lot of funky motel rooms. Carmen was horrified – she joined Rob at his concert stop in New Orleans in May, but she decided to skip most of the two month tour and just fly in for occasional visits. Two months on the road was out of the question.


  1. If I really loved my boyfriend and had to stay in an out of the way motel, so f’n what? I’d be with him, and that would be the point. This should give Rob a real good idea of what Carmen considers priorities. Reeeeeeeeeally high maintenance, that girl.

  2. Im just glad carmen still looks good. Carmen and Pamela were so hot during their baywatch days.. natural and beautiful. Im not saying that Carmen is all natural but she doesnt look like a blow up doll like Pamela and she doesnt look worn and skanked out like her either.

  3. They aren’t a huge band yet? For gawds sake, they’ve been around a while and will never be huge. Coming to your state fair next year. Casino in Biloxi MS anyone?
    She should get back with Joan.

  4. Korn have already peaked, they were a HUGE band in the late 90’s…check ur facts!!

  5. She loves the rockers, just like Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson. We all know what shape HL and PA are in…..confused and basically alone. What is with these wild hos?

  6. Janet what the Hell are you talking about? Korn has been around since 1993, so there’s no “yet” about them.
    From Wikipedia:
    Korn, occasionally typeset as KoЯn, is a band from Bakersfield, California, and are often credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre. Along with other bands at the time, they have also inspired many nu metal and alternative metal bands throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s.[1]
    The band’s catalogue consists of nine consecutive debuts in the top ten of the Billboard 200,[2] including a compilation album, Greatest Hits Vol.1, and their untitled eighth album, released on July 31, 2007. To date, Korn has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including 16.5 in the U.S.,[3] whilst earning six Grammy nominations

  7. Oh yeah and what the Hell happened to Carmen’s face? She looks like Willem Dafoe in this picture!

  8. Janet korn have sold 30 million records world wide. “Korn isn’t a huge band yet”. Just goes to show how fictional all of your posts are. Are you going to retract this post?

  9. Um, Korn not a big band YET?? Janet, I know you’re a little out of the demo for this band, but for God’s sake do a little research. This is not the first item that I have seen that you’ve gotten completely WRONG.

  10. Jeez, I’m 45 and even ~I~ know Korn is a significant metal band…
    They could afford 4-star hotels if they wanted to. Probably just prefer NOT to squander their money, like some bands???

  11. WOW… ok so I love your column but I have to call you out on this one… Korn is a huge band and has been around FOREVER… I am saying this story is bullshit.

  12. Uhhh…they are not huge anymore Janet but they were at one point

  13. Janet, Sorry, sometimes your stuff are a bit far-fetched (like, actually thinking Angelina Jr {Megan Fox} dumped Brian A. G. for Shia Le Stinky, … when she really dumped B.A.G. becuase she’s becoming ‘big’ time); but this time you’ve gone too far. Korn was HUGE like 5+ years ago. Now, not so much, so they are on the opposite end of the peak of an artist (they are on the downslide and don’t realize that they just need to go away).

  14. “Korn isn’t a huge band yet and their traveling budget isn’t enormous, which means a lot of funky motel rooms”
    Having worked with KORN before, this is one of the most hilarious statements I’ve ever read. Janet, please research before you post inaccurate info. While they’re not big now, they were HUGE for many, many years. And they are all quite wealthy. And the last thing any of them do is stay in funky motel rooms!!! Thanks for the laugh lady, you consistently prove you have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

  15. She is really unattractive now. She has to be caught at the right camera angle to be passable. She has changed; harder, more worldly.

  16. Her face has somehow gotten longer and her chin area bigger.
    Moshe, wow.

  17. Memo to Carmen:
    If your face has been your fortune, then you should be saving every dime that comes your way.

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