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The plot thickens. This weekend Guy Ritchie arrived in New York to see Madonna and the kids and he refused to comment on divorce rumors, just as she does. His mother, of course, DID deny there were marriage problems, but she might be the last to know. Now we hear that Guy is planning a big 50th birthday party for Madonna – 200 people at their country home in August. Guy is also planning to watch the kids while Madonna tours in the US. We aren’t convinced that divorce is imminent, and still have a hard time believing that their marriage is over. (Interesting how Madonna was all decked out in Ed Hardy to visit the Kabbalah temple. Is that Guy Oseary behind her?)

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  1. Madonna will absolutely not stand for being FIFTY AND ALONE.
    Whatever it takes, she will do to maintain the status quo.
    Not to mention the fact that Guy has become quite accustomed to life among the landed gentry; he might take a shit-load of her cash in a divorce, but he’d have to work for it.
    He’s a pussy-boy who LOOKS the part of a he-man (menacing facial scar included), which is precisely why M. married him in the first place.

  2. She will do whatever it takes to keep her mug in the spotlight. It’s possible she and Guy put some rumors out there just to get the paps and rag mags fired up. They both love being the center of attention. So I guess we’ll wait and see what happens. She’s craft and devious if nothing else.

  3. Guy Oseary? Uh, no.
    Glasses are your friend, sweetie.

  4. That is Guy Oseary with Madonna. Trust that this hag’s marriage is over. It’s been over for quite a while, but her stupid ego and pride won’t allow her to admit it. Notice during interview when marriage is discussed, she rolls her eyes, gets figidy and uncomfortable? That pretty much sums it all up.

  5. Madonna’s one and only true love is herself! She’s good at business, but is messed up in the relationship department.

  6. Thats how she dresses to go to the temple I thought she was shooting an 80’s video.

  7. Guy, if you get away from this self-centered PROVEN slut/skank/whore, then you have done good. Stay far far away from Kabbalah and you’ve put the icing on the cake. Hope you get a $$ bundle and laugh and laugh.

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