Madonna’s almost 14 year old daughter Lourdes is well on her way to becoming a fashion icon for her age group. The editor of Teen Vogue says their readers are OBSESSED with Lourdes’ style – “she’s gorgeous, she’s cool, and she has her mother’s rebellious spirit.” Lola travels a lot and represents multicultural style – she is the creative force behind Macy’s new MG collection (Material Girl.) Macy’s is devoting 4000 sq ft of their NY flagship store to her collection which retails from $12 to $40. The store is trying something they’ve never done in their 152 year history- they will be stocking new Material Girl pieces on a daily basis to compete with fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21. THAT’S how much they believe in Lourdes! It premiers August 3.


  1. Do ya think when Lourdes was in utero she sang:

    “I am living in a material girl…”

  2. Fronted by Kabbalah money?

    If it was really Lourdes’ idea, it wouldn’t be called Material Girl, which is copyright of her mommy’s.

    I hope Lourdes actually gets to do something for the line.

    Madonna always has to have her finger in every pie.

  3. Actually E, everyone has had his fingers in her pie.

  4. Why is M wearing a cross? Hope the hypocrite removes it before a Kabbalah meeting. The Kabbalah master and satan only approves the expensive red-string bracelet.

  5. Why is she pimping out her kid? Her name alone is no longer good enough. I highly doubt her daughter had anything to do with the concept or the designs.

    I really hope she does her own thing and not ride on her demonic mommies coattails. Lourdes should rebel by striving not become her mother.

  6. Indy, Sebastian:

    Don’t insult satan. I don’t think he even wants to be associated with her.

  7. Sally, don’t worry. Kids are the ultimate karma when a parent is a rotten person. A child is either like its parent, in which case the parent has to look at, and deal with, his/her own nastiness, or the child shuns everything the parent is. Either way…SWEET!

  8. You could indescriminately and blindly pick ANY city teenager out and give them the same opportunity and get the same result. There is nothing special going on here. Ahh teens have a fashion bent, that’s part of what makes them a teenager and makes them tick. Lordy how I DO remember! They could have given this to me back in 67-68 and I would have rocked the world. But then, Lourdes is only doing what they all do anyway, she is not SETTING any trends no matter how hard they try to make us think otherwise. Like WE already said, IT’S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE AND BETTER, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BORING!!!

  9. Do teens ever really set the trends. When I was teen in the late-seventies/early eighties, teens displayed the trends, but the trend makers were older, often much older (as in, in their thirties or forties – Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Chrissie Hynde).

    There is something wrong with teenagers really defining their own world the way they now seem to be doing – it means they are feral. It will lead to very bad things.

  10. a suicide attempt in a few years.

  11. I really hope Lourdes turns out to be a better person than her mother. Madonna is a HORRIBLE person inside, a total Narcissist.

  12. Just wait until she’s allow some freedom at 18 and find out that moms wasn’t the angel she’s pretending to be. Madonna’s past makes Tiger Woods seem shy.

  13. Wearing a crucifix is totally inappropriate for Madonna when she publically professes Kaballah. To me it seems as though she is insulting, purposely, masses of people.

  14. This kid will be the next Olsen twins…. a billionaire before she is 20. Even though she pretty much is one right now thru her mother…
    I have been to the “Material Girl” website and,it is brilliantly done. All you nay sayers can bash Madonna all you want but she knows marketing better than most. She has also passed this skill to her daughter and has shown and raised her in the finer things in life. You can expect great things from Lola when she is older. The world is at her feet.

  15. candy, correcto-mundo….and then, and then, out of nowhere, Carlos Leon will be looking to be and claiming to be the ‘perfect father’ to her…and how much he loves his little biological kid….all before screaming SHOW ME THE MONEY. Then she can keep him up in the manner to which he has never been accustomed.

  16. Leon and Guy Ritchie should get tens of millions each from Madge. After all, they gave here what she wanted most – children. And, folks, we all can be pretty sure that Madonna shopped around, and was very particular about who would father her children. Market forces. Market forces.

  17. Sebastian: I definitely remember when she shopped around for a man to have the physical looks that she desired. She even stated this, the shameless skank.

    And the best thing that Lourdes can do is get out of Kabbalah, but that’s not likely to happen as long as she is under the demon’s thumb.

  18. Indy, yeah, this sounds really weird, but I get the sense she chose Leon to father her daughter and Ritchie to father her son – because she wanted her the girl to be more exotic looking and the boy to be blond. It is possible – who can say what went on behind the scenes when she was trying to get pregnant.

    Madge is into Kabbalah, or the twisted form sold to celebs, because it offers power, it is basically magic, and Madonna is a control freak.

  19. You know Sebastian, I read somewhere, I believe the BBC, that she’s into weird pagan, occult rituals since the 80s and her interest peaked in the 90s. That was around the time she embraced Kabballah, which the BBC reports is a money-grubbing enterprise.

    I guess the BBC reporter went undercover pretending to be a cancer patient and they were trying to sell him water, prayer books that were beyond expensive, but promised to heal him. I guess the reporter had unflattering things to say about Madonna as well insinuating that she worships the dark side. I can’t remember the reporters name, but it was on the BBC website about five years ago.

    Either way this Bitch is all layers of crazy and the fact that her kids are dragged into her lunacy is pretty sad.

  20. P.S. Sebastian, speaking to a few rabbis in my area and reading other rabbis’ opinions, the celebrity Kabballah is a warped take on the real Kabballah and that it’s run by nefarious individuals. A side note, the founder was an insurance salesman from Brooklyn.

  21. The look in Madonna’s eyes. She wants it, and needs it bad. You know what “it” is.

  22. Sally, yes, I know. To anyone not familiar, the real Kaballah is an ancient practice, an off-shoot of Judaism, a kind of mysticism that is highly complex, and so is supposed to only be entered into by older studious and committed Rabbis. Many religions or philosophical practices – e.g. Taoism – have something similar.

    Kabbalah and similar disciplines are basically magic – they are beyond religion and spirituality – and can be dangerous in many ways. This is why practitioners need to have solid religious educations; intellectual and emotional stability; physical and mental strength; and be VERY spiritually centered.

    Conservative Christians always say that messing with the occult, or magic, is dangerous, and it is certainly true if one’s approach is careless, frivolous, or simply half-assed.

    People like Madge messing around with the Kabbalah, are playing with fire. They will certainly bring bad karma onto themselves and their loved ones, and who knows what they may help unleash onto the world.

    One word: IDIOTS

  23. candy, i agree. madge is one hell of a biz woman, and i love my fellow women to be of means! gotta love it.

    the posh life!!!

  24. I’m glad to see that Lourdes is coming out of her almost-can’t-bear-to-look awkward phase… once those braces come off, watch out! She is one beautiful girl. 🙂

  25. The more mega-rich and powerful some of these celebs become, it seems they are getting even more dumb and stupid to get into cults such as Kabbalah and Scientology. Madge and tiny Cruise-meister are perfect examples of this fact. And who (or what) is behind the fact that they are being fooled big time into giving millions to these lying misguided charlatans? As the Church Lady from SNL would say:…”Could it be…..Satan?”

  26. Indy, you have got a point. I am beginning to believe that, if there is a hell, its occupants are more idiotic than evil.

  27. Indy, I concur. For some reason having all that money don’t buy sense. They need to find their own God and religion. All it takes is a smart con man and a bunch of over the top know it alls and this is want you have.

  28. Indy, the issue is that their lives are empty. These people are narcissists and as such are spiritually bankrupt. Money and fame can only placate you for so long but at the end of the day you still have to face yourself in the mirror and if you spent your life being greedy and self absorbed you don’t like what’s looking back at you. So you go out and find some charlatan who will tell you you’re ok.

  29. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Well said Kylie. I think your analysis sums up all celebs. Ever notice once they reach to the level of A-List stardom they all go crazy? It’s as though they’re not looking for something or someone to worship, but they want people to worship them. They join these nefarious organizations where they’re treated well because of their celebrity status.

    The organization uses their celebrity to attract more followers. That celeb becomes the face of that org. Madonna = Kabballah and Tom Cruise = Scientology and vice versa. And boy do these two love to preach.

  30. Kylie, so what is the average person’s excuse?

    I find most people I meet to be greedy self-absorbed, spiritually bankrupt narcissists with completely empty lives. At least celebs can justify or rationalize all that, because they are rich and famous.

  31. Well put Sebastian, remember most people copy celebs lifestyle to the tee and without there money and power they can’t compete. I guess the saying is very true all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Kylie, you forgot Mel Gibson.

  32. I don’t think most people are narcissists, most people are just trying to get by the best they can. IMO celebrities represent the worst in human nature. There are exceptions of course….. Some try to be positive examples.

  33. E, Thank You! Thank You Very Much!!!

    Kylie, I would go one step further, and say that the world is awash with sociopaths. The average person acts like a narcissistic ass, and then claims the moral high-ground because he is “poor” compared to the celebs. People just getting by do not over-extend themselves to achieve a lifestyle.

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