Who IS that lucky woman on a movie date with Rob Pattinson? It’s his mother, Clare. Rob is still filming “Water for Elephants” in LA and he took his mom to a movie theater in Malibu where they saw “Salt.” On the way out Rob was immediately surrounded by palpitating young women and his mother couldn’t help but laugh.

CORRECTION: The photographer incorrectly identified this as Rob’s mother, but astute readers pointed out that it’s actually his agent Stephanie….We wonder what they thought of the movie.

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  1. Its his freak en manager S T E P H I N E idiots! Janet ALL of you need to go back to school or get a new job. Ya know what responsible journalism is? Sure as hell not this rag blog.

  2. Pattinson has a personal waxer? You mean someone who polishes his quartz-white, shiny skin for him? Does this involve Pledge on a duster?

  3. WRONG!!!!!!!!!! That is not his mother. Get your facts straight before you post incorrect information. Where did you go to journalism school??!?

  4. You seriously thought this was his Mother? You need to get a better “Fact Checker”! It’s his Agent, Stephanie Ritz. Ever looked at any of the photos from the premieres? She’s with him at every event. Some “Celebrity watcher” you are.”

  5. Captain America, is that code, or do you actually follow Rob Pattinson enough to know his aunt, mom, publicist. hmmmmm. Gay much?

  6. its stephanie ritz his agent when kristen is out of town he goes with her to a lot of events, my god how could they confuse his mother with her she is much younger than clare even though clare is glamorous of an older woman

  7. How hard would it be to verify the identity of so-called mystery date? Especially when dozens of LEGITIMATE media outlets have already done they work for you. Its a quick internet search. Less than a minute. So much for your credibility as a journalist. And you might need to get your eyes checked, too. Does she honestly look like she could be his mother? Come On!

  8. The facts are wrong, but everyone here should be embarrassed that they know who this chick is. You’re a bunch of stalkers!!!!

  9. damn, STOP being mean to janet. she is considered a gossip elder. and JANET gets a pass from me.

  10. What I find interesting is that Gerard Vandenburg/Cap’n Asshole is the FIRST poster and yet he’s calling everybody idiots for not knowing that it’s Triangle Head’s “aunt”…WHO is he talking to? There is nobody there before himsaying ANYTHING and yet there he is going off as usual. I wonder if he can spell MORON?!

  11. IF Janet made a mistake on the identity of this woman, so what. She has been around and has more savvy than any other Tinseltown gossip lady on the planet. Personally, I don’t care if this dame is his upstairs maid.
    I’m with you, funky booty.

  12. Deanna, that was fuuuuuuuuneeeeee!

    Being interested in celeb gossip is one thing. Being able to identify just about everyone in a celeb’s entourage is pathetic.

  13. All you complainers: Are you paying premium to get this site? No. Then Shut Up.

  14. Oh I know it’s his personal Guru isn’t it?

  15. Forgot the point this out: Damn, Pattinson has child-bearing hips!

  16. Info: Tom did divulge things to **** and *** when it was just the three boys two weeks ago. **** actually wanted to know the goods on k/r relationship. In around about way tom summed it up by saying “they aren’t what you think they are, rob is hitting it big time when kristen is out of sight”. **** although he kept quiet on the subject was angry that kristen was being played and hence he told her upon her arrival in Argentina. She is not going to spill but she knows now that they are not anything but friends with benefits. She is going to suck it out until after filming just like she knows that is what he has been doing all along. Yes she is upset and that bwb has never been off before but for her to take it off shows she is one angry girl. Also he won’t be visiting since he had no plans but she won’t be asking him to anymore anyway. Next time kristen will see rob will be at the end of her shoot. She is also angry with tom, understandably since she got him the job.

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