Dr Robert Rey is the first doctor we’ve seen with custom tailored surgical scrubs. They’re BLACK with a flattering trim fit, they have the doctor’s name monogrammed on the chest, and best of all, the sleeves are shortened to better reveal the doctor’s tan and muscular arms. We like the silver accessories also. Dr 90210 is a fancy man.

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  1. You should see pictures of Dr Rey when he wears low cut tops with his M(o)(o)BS (moobs) hangin out. He has started dressing like his women patients.

  2. Why does he ALWAYS wear a stethoscope ??????? Even when he’s hawking those awful foundation garments on the shopping channels.
    Jebus, is he expecting that he might have to do an unexpected exam on the sidewalk?
    Bet if he visits the grocery store he wears it there too.

  3. The Dr. dresses like a like a hustler – he seems not just gay, but desperate to sell his wares (to pay for his gym membership). Who in their right mind would want someone with such bad judgment and bad taste performing cosmetic surgery on them? I wouldn’t want the guy choosing my couch!

  4. What a ridiculous looking “man.” He couldn’t look any gayer if he was skipping with Liza.

  5. Can’t wait to see him in drab blue Mao scrubs and using third world surgery techniques to save a dime or two, denying greatly suffering patients who desperately need expensive medical help with a cold tone and ‘get lost loser’ frown per Government medical insurance instructions.

  6. For someone who makes a boatload of bucks he sure has a dreadful haircut. Looks like he cuts his own hair . . . with dull scissors. And could he just not decide on a color, or is that some sort of fashion statement? Sheesh.

  7. So sexy. So hot. Not much of a basket though. Maybe a grower and not so much a shower.

  8. He pings my gaydar big time! Married?? Give me a break. That doesn’t mean a thing. Can’t stand him.

  9. Ok this man is gayer than a 3 dollar bill. i dont care what anyones tells me,this is no way for a straight man to act

  10. What’s with the gay remarks? Is that a bad thing? Problem is he needs some gays in his life to fix him up! This guys just a freak but I don’t think the gays would want him either.
    At least he’s not wearing a hideous Tommy Bahama shirt and Khakis (but he does have a phone clipped to his hip) with a fat wife in capri pants and wedgie flip flops. Now that’s a look that screams “we bought the kool aid.” LOL

  11. I like Dr. Rey. He might come off as gay but I think he is more metro-sexual. I think he has done well in life and not just with money. He seems to be a God loving family man that worships his wife and childern. That’s alot more I can say about alot of so called “men” these days.

  12. flamer, flamer, flamer. This Doc. is as gay as donkey lips!

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