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Now that word is out that lusciousLiv Tyler is back in circulation, we bet her phone hasn’t stopped ringing. She and her little boy Milo were visiting a friend in Greenwich Village when flashbulbs started popping all around. Milo got annoyed and started to give the paps a piece of his mind, but mom put a quick stop to THAT.

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  1. I doubt Liv Tyler is thinking about dating right now. Thats her mother in the background. I bet she is focusing on her family.
    She seems deeper than most.

  2. Guys with game? What a loser!! Liv will have no problem meeting a great guy. and lets hope youre right because guys with so call game would have a chance with her. why because they are losers like you!

  3. I meant guys with game would NOT have a chance with her. They are losers!

  4. Isn’t that Liv’s Mom, Bebe Buell with her?
    C’mon let’s get with the program here.

  5. Only losers date single mothers, cause thats the best they can do.

  6. Why would any guy date an over the hill woman with a kid when he could get a fresh 20 year old he can make love to without a condom and a headache?

  7. True, the only guy that dates single moms is Jake Gyllenhaal and he is a homosexual.

  8. How would you know, Art?
    And condoms are not cool in your circle?
    Just wondering, cause I thought…

  9. Guys who want 20 year-olds only want screw buddies. Real men want mature women and maybe families. Kind of shows who’s who in this post, ‘eh?

  10. Wow you people are mean. Liv is beautiful. Unlike other slutty, shallow celebs, she seems so down to earth and sweet. I don’t think she’ll have a problem dating. She’s a class act. Stop with the hate.

  11. Boy, I hope she doesn’t become one of those pathetic, desperate serial daters like Jennifer Anniston. Or worse, go down the groupie ho lane like her mother.
    What happened to her husband anyway? He probably wasn’t bringing in enough money and got kicked to the curb.

  12. “ho lane”? “serial daters”? You are a seriously shallow idiot.
    Some of you are so stupid and hate ridden you can’t see past your key pad.

  13. Not haters, just informed observers. Keepin it real.

  14. The internet is a petting zoo for retards! Keepin’ it real? Informed observers? How are you possibly INFORMED about these people?

  15. The kid is cute. I thought these two would stay together, and do not know what happened.

  16. liv seems to be a good mother. I think,actually, her priority is her son and not dating with men. She’s working a lot promoting hers news films and is with her son. She’s a modern woman. she ‘ll find a new guy since problem, she’s so pretty. I learn it because she had a date with edward norton on the set of incredible hulk that her mariage has off.Is it true?

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