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Lindsay Lohan was seen in the distant (an hour from Hollywood) not-so-fancy suburb of Pomona yesterday. It’s the perfect place to do community service if you don’t want to be hounded by the press. Or so she thought. Lindsay reported to the American Red Cross center there. She won’t be cleaning the freeways but she might be handing cookies to blood donors. Note the super long extensions she donned for the occasion.

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  1. I thought her hair grew long in rehab and didn’t catch the extensions. Good eye Janet!Boy am I going to be crucified for my next comment, but here I go. Be nice! She looks like she is trying now and I wish her luck. But she is young and I don’t necessarily believe she had a drug abuse problem, in my opinion she is young and a little irresponsible. As we all were once!!! She just needs to mature a little bit, and in moderation can resume partying, a little bit anyway. I know that sounds so wrong, but I just don’t believe she is or was an addict.

  2. The problem, Maxx, is not “partying” in and of itself. The problem lies in the consequences of the partying. If drinking, etc. is resulting in multiple arrests and, is affecting her work, and is causing other dangerous behavior, then YES, there IS a problem!

  3. She didn’t “don” the extensions for this occasion. She’s had them for a long time.

  4. Ok, I feel you, anonymous november 13 1:53pm. You are correct, I stand corrected. Thank you for not crucifing me and now that I think about it the arrests were becoming a huge liability.

  5. She’s massively over rated in my book. I just don’t see why she’s so hotly sought after ?

  6. Wonder if she’s ever thought about appearing in Hustler Magazine ?
    I mean, look at that face – big forhead and chin line, just lacks sexuality.
    Imagine 20 years from now she’ll weight 240 pounds and look like a blond haired Rosie or Rosanne.
    She’s gonna be HUGE!

  7. I think she looks the best she’s ever looked. The Barbarella hair suits her.

  8. She has an incredibly scratchy throaty voice. This is from using too many drugs from a young age. I can’t imagine any man ever getting super serious with her; way too wild, AC/DC, etc. She has lived at least 40 years in her 21 years. She needs more than just going back and forth to rehab. You know what (WHO) she needs.

  9. Pomona raised, and though it isnt “fancy” it was a nicer place to grow up then the bathroom floor at le deux.Just keep that in mind while your patrionizing with your mindless self indulgence.

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