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American Apparel employees were probably looking out their window snickering at the spectacle of Lindsay Lohan modeling the leggings from her new fashion line of legwear on Robertson Blvd. Lindsay has been buying tons of leggings from American Apparel and she was photographed so many times wearing them that she was asked to put her name on a competing line of leggings. We’re not particularly impressed with her designs – are you?

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  1. no im not impressed but what do u expect theyre leggings. im surprised she wears them. u usually on see them on fat digusting women that wear long shirts to cover the rolls. and isnt it funny how women who are this fat can have flat asses..their stomach should be switched with their ass. boring aor not its nice to see someone hot and thin wear them. THANKS LINDZ

  2. oh and by the way, those other 2 are gross. she should have gotten cute girls..

  3. She looks so very much older than her actual age perfect example of too much tweek sun and booze.
    Her stuff is boring


  5. her designs? i doubt it. plus they are just leggings, there’s no designing. she’s totally in a relationship with ronson, why are so many people afraid to call it?

  6. Leggings aren’t an outfit.
    Leggings are accessories.
    Leggings are not pants.
    You are supposed to wear leggings under another article of clothing.

  7. Samantha Ronson is Lindsay Lohan’s personal drug dealer, enabler and not so secret lover.

  8. It’s one of the most intense relationships in LA. Lindsay and Ronson have been on and off for a really long time.
    Lindsay’s meltdown and crash Memorial Day weekend last year was because of her rifts with Ronson.
    What’s funny is since leaving rehab for the third time, Lindsay seems at peace and content being with Ronson all the time. I think they’re more than friends. It’s apparent that they’re in a romantic relationship.
    Lindsay is pulling a Jodie Foster. Everybody knows she’s gay, but she won’t publicly “come out.”


  10. Thanks to the posters on this site for giving the real gossip. I had no idea Lohan was involved with another woman.

  11. she is not involved with samantha. i can not believe that you idiots. just because they are friends and one is a lesbian doesnt mean they are in a relationship. people can just be friends. i am a lesbian and my best friend of years is totally and completely straight and nothing has ever happenned betwen us. i have never even thought about it. not all gay people are hanging out with someone straight so they can pounce on them. im so glad lindsay doesnt care what you people think and still hamgs out with her friend.

  12. 5:08 AM Anonymous: Why are you a lesbian? Did a former boyfriend break your heart? Did a lesbian talk you into trying this alternative lifestyle? I have never understood why anyone would want to defy the Bible.

  13. What’s with the knee pad leggings anyways? Is she trying to tell us something? TACKY TACKY TACKY! I like wearing leggings for comfort and to tone down a short outfit (and no, I’m not heavy – 5’8″ 125 lbs), but I’m afraid that Lindsay is going to drive them out of style even more quickly than they’re already going with these ugly styles!

  14. 5:08 How do you know Lindsay and Samantha aren’t involved???? Hmmmmmmmm. You claim everybody here is assuming and because of our assumptions we’re wrong. Yet you’re assuming as well.
    Get your facts straight before you open your mouth.
    For the past two years bloggers have said that Lohan was gay and romantically involved with Samantha. When rumors swirled about Jodie Foster years ago, morons like you said the same thing.

  15. I def think Lindsay is having a lesbo affair with Samantha, the ugly dyke. However, if a male comes along, especially one she can beg money from, she will switch back. So, I think the bottom line is : She is A/C..D/C.. if that’s what they still call it.

  16. Oh those extensions are so fake looking. Guess Samantha likes her bitches to look like the whores that they are.

  17. Poor thing is making herself look a freak instead of enhancing the lovely hair and freakled skin and making it work.. She thinks has ugly freakled pale legs and has to cover them as she can’t afford to completely bronze herself. Now that she has thunder thighs and a saggy butt the legging look is a very bad choice.

  18. Lindsay is the oldest-looking 20-something I think I have ever seen. 40 ain’t gonna’ be pretty for you, sweetheart.

  19. i am not assuming i knw this for a fact. and to the bible expert.. defying the bible. i think this is funny how religious people suddenly get when talking about gays. im sure everyday you ”defy” the bible as well. with lying cheating etc.. all sins . the probably with u bible maniacs is u forget this..if u believe in the bible u would not be judging..thats for god to do. doesnt the bible say that.. live and let live

  20. yeah right. no gay person thought jodie foster was straight. just like before ellen came out it was not a shock except to the straight people who didnt want to believe it because it was the ultimate sin..and omg someone they like cant actually be a sinner…oh no.. please give it a rest.

  21. Believe it or not in the Holy Bible, the words…”Live and let live” appear nowhere, old or new Testament. Footnote: I do not believe this person (5:31 AM) was judging, but maybe just asking a question. U R right however, that we are all sinners, the difference is that Christians recognize their sins, repent, and look to Jesus to be cleansed and forgiven. After this process is completed (Saved), they are filled with the Holy Spirit and live in daily repentance and faith. Eph 2: 8,9,10.

  22. Oh brother chill on the bible shitz this ain’t F’N church!
    Lilo is bisexual no big whoop.

  23. thank you 10:22.i read and respect what you said i think gays just get so sick and tired of heterosexuals using the bible to spew racism and homophobia. thanks for not doing that. they just feel that a lot of people who are not christians only talk about the bible when they are preaching hatred. thanks for not doing that.. and yeah enough bible talk..we are talking about lindsay lohan for goodness sake 😉 im so done

  24. People Linds has come out. You don’t need to publicly say it. Her actions speak volumes.
    She lives, travels, and spends every minute with this Ronson character.
    For those people who don’t believe they’re a couple: GROW UP AND WISE UP!
    Yes, I’m straight and my best friend is gay, but we don’t spend this much time together. We talk everyday, but we don’t hang out everyday. Lindsay is having a sexual relationship with a woman. It isn’t rocket science

  25. but whatever u do people dont buy into the people in here talking about the bible. only hipocritcs would be trolling celebrity gossip sites that prey and stalk celebrities. let alone comment on this trash.. i for one love it but i dont claim to have religious or personal morals. like i always say…GOD PROTECT ME FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS!!!!


  27. 4:39 PM>..Are you agreeing or disagreeing with 4:36 PM?

  28. Leave God alone. Don’t judge people. This isn’t bible study.

  29. She surrounded herself with “models” who were uglier than she is and that’s a feat! She is so skanky, I don’t know anyone who would want to wear anything her name is on. The skank will rub off on you. Plus, leggings are so not in. Maybe she should sew some kneepads in so when she’s blowing dudes for well, blow, she’ll be comfortable.

  30. why doesn’t jc report on good dirt like lohan’s relationship with ronson?????
    screw leggings. how lame can one get?

  31. After 2 years of age, one should not wear leggings. Maybe 3 years old, but that’s it. Simon Cowell would use the words …hideous, atrocious.

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