This singer is fortunate in many ways but she always seems to be unlucky in love and WE know the reason why. She’s an easy touch. Over and over again, she makes dumb choices and picks the wrong man. She dumped her husband when she found out he was GAY, and -duh- recently she kicked out her boyfriend for the same reason! The two exes got together and compared notes the other night and they had a few laughs at her expense.

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  1. Clearly it’s Hillary Duff and her loser ‘boyfriend’ Mike Comrie.

  2. We all know @ Liza and the gays, why not marry them! Singing Star Jones way funny!!

  3. Not Janet she’s with Jermaine Dupre.
    Not Hillary Duff she’s never been married
    Stumped on this one …

  4. Yeah. If Nick Lachy and John Mayer aren’t gay, I’ll eat my new shoes. Look at them. I mean, LOOK AT THEM.

  5. But there are blind items all over the interwebs about John Mayer being a poon hound and Nick Lachy was caught on tape banging his girlfriend whatshername so not it’s not them.
    This blind item isn’t cracked yet.

  6. Paula Abdul was married to a clothing designer after Emilio Estevez and now dates that restaurant mogul who is clearly gay.

  7. It is Paula!!!! She just dumped that restaurant mogul who bloggers hinted was gay.

  8. “Easy touch…” What could this be a reference to?

  9. I think it’s Paula Abdul. Always picking the wrong man (Idol ref?)

  10. Paula Abdul- she always has an “easy touch” when giving Idol feedback…

  11. KD Lang. Oh wait. Those actually ARE women she dates but you would never know it.

  12. KD Lang. Oh wait. Those actually ARE women she dates but you would never know it.

  13. Paula Abdul wasn’t she the one who decided to screw Black Corey, an Idol contestant?

  14. kylie minogue…split with her gay husband last month,,,,guess that doesn’t make her ‘lucky in love….”

  15. If thats true it is definitely Kylie Minogue,because it all fits:she had a hit called ‘I should be so lucky” and ‘fortunate’ refers to her surviving breast cancer ,and a few other references seem to be similar to songs she has had

  16. The term “gay husband” does not refer to an actual husband – it’s a close gay friend of hers that she is on the outs with currently.

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