The Big Closet

This tough guy actor loves playing a hero. His successful movies are violent and loaded with explosive action. He’s always been a macho bruiser so romantic scenes are scarce and that’s fine with him. He dates pretty women when he’s in the US, but he prefers to make movies that film in Europe. That’s because he feels he has more privacy there. He can do what he wants without being observed and what he wants to do is go to gay bars and pick up men. His girlfriends back in the US wish he’d commit, but he’s far too interested in male companionship.

This singer is fortunate in many ways but she always seems to be unlucky in love and WE know the reason why. She’s an easy touch. Over and over again, she makes dumb choices and picks the wrong man. She dumped her husband when she found out he was GAY, and -duh- recently she kicked out her boyfriend for the same reason! The two exes got together and compared notes the other night and they had a few laughs at her expense.

Hunk: Switching Teams

This hot hunk of an actor is desperate to have a career. He’s young, pretty, and stupid, and the only decent acting job he ever got was because he slept with the TV series creator. The show made him rather famous, but that’s over and now his career is faltering. He’s getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of switching teams once again. He’s got his eye on a powerful and connected member of Hollywood’s gay mafia who’s known for having lavish parties and helping the cute young guys that he sleeps with.

Sweet Actress: Wrong Guy

Our intentions aren’t cruel, but we have to point out that this sweet actress is headed for heartbreak. After a series of disappointing relationships, she found happiness with her handsome new guy, but would she still be smiling if she found out he used to be a Gay for Pay escort? He didn’t trade sex for money- he traded it for FAME. His “clients” include the editor of a top celebrity magazine. Recently he started choosing famous girlfriends who can boost his career. They can’t help falling for him because he’s so darn hot.

Music Mogul

This high powered music mogul is fabulously successful and lives in a grand manner. He has one of the most famous names in the business. Everyone wants to work with him because it’s a ticket to success. He’s always showing up at events with beautiful women on his arm and they’re thrilled to be in his presence. No one seems to think about his sexuality. But in reality the love of his live is a cute young GUY who is not in the industry. Their relationship remains a secret because our mogul is still deep in the closet – for some reason he can’t bear to reveal his real self.

A Long Rap Sheet

This hot rapper has a history he’d like to forget. His record label isn’t worried about the fact that he’s a former drug dealer- they’re worried about his early sexual proclivities. Right now as he climbs up the charts, the label is very quietly buying up photos – and video if they can locate it – of their “talent” having sex with men! He’s young in the photos but it’s definitely him. Some of the gay websites with the pictures don’t even realize who he is, so they cooperate. Our guy also has a very respectable girlfriend who would be horrified by his gay history. Can he bury his past?

Anything Goes

This TV star is very recognizable but he used to be a lot cuter when he was younger. He’s looking for love and having a hard time finding it. So he’s advertising for sex on the Adam 4 gay male website. He doesn’t use his name, but his photo reveals his identity and his motto is “anything goes.” He’s only around 5’6″ and skinny but what he wants is a big muscular guy into rough and tumble sex. He likes the fresh-out-of-prison type. We hope he doesn’t get MORE than he bargained for.

Modest Hotel

This modest motel, conveniently located in West Hollywood, enjoys visits from more than just budget conscious tourists. One day a very famous actor, who is frequently mentioned on this website, walked up to the check in desk. This hot guy has an off-beat personality that really appeals to his legions of female fans. On that day he was with a male companion, described as “a goodlooking well groomed mature man with grey hair.” The actor paid for the room with his charge card and the two guys disappeared into the room. The clerk was surprised to see them leave after an hour. What were they up to? Drugs? Sex?

Down Low

This smart, funny actor is a top boxoffice attraction. He’s still on the young side but he’s cranked out some major movies and proved himself a skillful actor. He’s a father but he’s single and a magnet for females. He’s often seen at glamorous parties and Hollywood clubs with his entourage and assorted beautiful women, but he hasn’t had a long term relationship. Except with his young male assistant! His female admirers would be SURPRISED to learn that this straight-seeming actor is sleeping with his assistant on the down-low!

Frolicking In the Hills

This hunkalicious dark haired actor had a long running hit sitcom a few years back and he’s been highly visible on TV ever since. Men envy his looks and women are dying to get their hands on him. Wouldn’t his fans be surprised to learn that their heartthrob often shows up at those pool parties that the “gay mafia” hosts at fancy hillside homes! Wealthy Hollywood gay men throw these bashes to meet young cute guys – often frolicking without their clothes on. Our actor has made it known that he prefers “smooth, blonde, blue- eyed young men.” And this actor has no qualms about socializing au natural – he’s proud of his body!