A Long Rap Sheet

This hot rapper has a history he’d like to forget. His record label isn’t worried about the fact that he’s a former drug dealer- they’re worried about his early sexual proclivities. Right now as he climbs up the charts, the label is very quietly buying up photos – and video if they can locate it – of their “talent” having sex with men! He’s young in the photos but it’s definitely him. Some of the gay websites with the pictures don’t even realize who he is, so they cooperate. Our guy also has a very respectable girlfriend who would be horrified by his gay history. Can he bury his past?

40 thoughts on “A Long Rap Sheet

  1. Shit, ALL the rappers are on the down-low. You guys will probably never guess this one.

  2. JAY-Z
    Kanye West
    Fifty Cent
    Puff Daddy
    i bet 90 percent of rappers are on the DL .

  3. don’t say JZ…..he has a “respectable” girlfriend…so does Diddy…..Nelly…..

  4. Somehow I don’t think it’s someone who’s been an established entertainer for years….it seems his record label or other handlers would have found out all of this years ago. It’s got to be someone relatively new to the Game.

  5. i believe it’s the game.. but don’t be shocked if it’s someone like one of these young cats…like young joc, or even ric ross…hell i think a few of those dipset cats are a little on the dl..no real man would wear smedium jackets like jim jones lol…..

  6. Pharrell Williams-Check out the eyebrows-Plucked-A good sign of the DL

  7. i ride in da brokeback ghetto gay bar. yea yeah yea yeah ugh ugh aha yeah yeah ugh ugh oh yea yeah. shake it my bitches. yea yeah yea yeah ugh ugh yea ugh ugh come here baby and pimp my ride yea yeah yea yeah ugh huh yea yea yea.

  8. Ray-J
    Ja Rule
    i dont think that either one of them is with anyone who could be called respectable, though.
    maybe these two pee on each other for kicks.
    awwww yeah yea yea yo yo golden showers yo yo i pee gold brothas aww yeahh

  9. Found this on ‘answers.com’
    Lloyd Banks allegedly was featured in a gay porn flick. The accusations of Lloyd Banks acting in gay porn turned out to be false and in fact, the gay porn actor happened to resemble Lloyd Banks.’
    Who knows???

  10. 50 cent.
    The Game, after a falling out, has repeatedly told friends and certain members of the media that the whole G-Unit is gay. Something along the lines of “Fo’ real, they be fucking dudes. Straight up. I seen it!”

  11. its seanpeediddypuffdaddycombs.
    he did make up tons of love songs about his fattie..i forget his name

  12. 50 cent.
    im sure the men in the clink loved to call him missus.

  13. Eminem – that explains why he’s on and off again with Kim. 😀

  14. Jay-z springs to mind, he used to sell drugs, and Beyonce is pretty repectable

  15. Lloyd Banks. I’ve seen a video of him having sex with a man on the internet.

  16. for all you cats saying you saw a video of a man f’n another man what the hell does that say about you watching that sh*t. And if a rapper is a homo he’s a homo, why do you care? you trying to get up in him?

  17. They said the rapper is climbing up the charts. Young Jeezy or T.I.

  18. no…its MIMS….”this hot rapper…”, whats his song…”this is why i’m hot!”. who’s his respectable girlfriend thou?

  19. It’s Jay z – he calls himself “Young” – and there have always been gay rumors floating around about him – His song “99 problems and a b&&% ain’t one” – Only a gay man would say that

  20. well we dnt know if lloyd banks is gay but she is def referring to gim-this hot rapper refers to his sing fire-“i’m on fire its hot in here-there is def somn gay abt him though n the gay porn star who is meant to look like him does not 1 bit-i smell payoff

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